China Glaze Holiday 2023 collection (‘Wonka’)

Early sneak peeks from China Glaze’s collections are always a bit more difficult to find than the ones from OPI and Essie. This time I was able to find a sneak peek from China Glaze’s Holiday 2023 collection. The collection is going to be called Wonka and consists of six new shades:

  • For the dreamers
  • Noodle
  • Pure Imagination
  • Secret recipe
  • Totally taffy
  • Wonka

The release date that I was able to find was October 29th. I’m not sure if that is a global release date, or just a European one. It would make sense because it’s right around Halloween! Update: China Glaze themselves says the collection is going to be released on 11/1.

1 thought on “China Glaze Holiday 2023 collection (‘Wonka’)”

  1. This collection is exciting!! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was my favorite book growing up. In fact, I even wrote the author a letter for a school assignment! I can’t wait for the movie to come out in December!

    I might have to buy at least one color for nostalgic reasons. I hope the swatches are good.

    Thanks for finding a sneak peek.

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