Essie Winter 2023 collection (‘Just Chill’ )

To be honest, it has been so warm around here that I haven’t even reached for my fall nail polish collections yet, but the nail polish world is always a couple of steps ahead. That’s why today I’m going to show you Essie’s new Winter 2023 called `Just chill’. The collection consists of six new shades. So far, the collection has only been spotted in France, but my guess is that this is going to be a worldwide release. I think we will see it in more countries soon!

There is no official description of this collection yet, but I think from the names, it’s obvious that Essie was inspired by cold temperatures:

  • Just chill (a medium purple creme)
  • Temperature check (a metallic blue/silver)
  • Put it on ice (a dark blue creme)
  • Take the dip (a light green creme)
  • Easy freezy (a light pink creme)
  • Cool and collected (a light purple creme)

In my opinion, this definitely doesn’t look like a typical holiday collection to me. I really like the lighter shades, but if I bought them, I would probably save them for after the holidays. Based on this collection, I’m secretly hoping for another winter collection that has more holiday shades or glitters.

Update: This collection is now popping up in stores all over Europe and the UK. Sadly, Essie announced on Instagram that this collection will not be released in the rest of the world (so it won’t be available in the US).

7 thoughts on “Essie Winter 2023 collection (‘Just Chill’ )”

  1. Like you said, this is definitely an unconventional collection for winter! If these colors have an “icy” look to them, then I think they would be appropriate for winter, but for January and February. The majority of colors appear to lean more cool than warm, so that’s good.

    I like that Essie is calling this a winter collection and not a holiday one. I’ll be painting my sparkly, shifty and glittery polishes on in December. I give them credit for no “holiday red” that us (at least me) nail polish wearers are tired of seeing. Also I think you’ll wear these more often. I don’t wear my holiday polishes outside of December. I’m definitely interested in seeing swatches, and also seeing them in person.

    Will you be posting China Glaze’s holiday collection?

    1. Yes it’s true, they are probably calling this a winter collection for a reason and it’s maybe more suitable for January-February-March. I think these colors would even looking great in summer, so you’re probably right that these are more versatile!

      If I find the China Glaze Holiday collection, I will definitely post it, but I haven’t been able to find an early sneak peek of China Glaze collections in a while now 🙁

        1. Yes true! Essie now also placed a post on Instagram saying that this collection will only be available in the EU and the UK 🙁 So it’s too bad for everyone who is located in the US!

          1. Well my wallet is happy this collection is bypassing the US!!

            I can’t believe how upset Americans are on IG. It’s six polishes. Look at all the colors Europe doesn’t get!

            Anyway, I hope they swatch as nice as the bottle shots on IG look. Can’t wait to see your review!!

          2. I do get why they are upset, I feel like that every time a collection is not released in Europe! I’m not sure if I’m going to purchase this collection, but I did purchase it for a US friend though. I’m first going to inspect her bottles before making a decision 😉 I think especially the blue shimmer one will be very cute!

    2. OK, I just found out the name of the China Glaze Holiday 2023 collection. It’s going to be called Wonka!
      The shade names will be:
      Secret recipe
      For the dreamers
      Pure imagination
      Totally taffy

      I haven’t found any pictures yet, but it will be a lot easier now that we know the names!

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