OPI Holiday 2020 (Shine bright)

Each time I think I have no new collections to write about and each time I am so wrong. I seriously can’t believe that I am already writing about the OPI Holiday 2020 collection! OPI’s Holiday collections are always massive! This year’s collection is going to be called Shine Bright and is a collaboration between OPI and Swarovski!

The collection consists of 15 shades, and only one of them is a creme (the classic bright Christmas red). All other shades contain shimmer or glitter.

The colors are called: To all a good night (a gunmetal glitter), heart and coal (a black holographic metallic with sand texture), all a’twitter in glitter (an iridescent glitter topper), puttin’ on the glitz (a grey jelly with iridescent glitter), bling it on (a blue jelly with iridescent glitter), red-y for the holidays (the holiday red creme), let’s take an elfie (a metallic purple) , tinsel tinsel little star (a pearly white, reminding me of This color hits all the high notes from the fall 2020 collection), dressed to the wines (metallic bordeaux red), this gold sleighs me (a golden yellow metallic), gingerbread man can (a brown metallic), merry in cranberry (a pink/red metallic), snowfalling for you (a light pink/coral metallic), naughty or ice (a pearly champagne, very similar to tinsel tinsel little star), this shade is ornamental ( a darker pink/coral metallic)!

They are all available on Amazon right now, check them out over here (affiliate link)! There is also more promotional material with swatches on Amazon so definitely check them out if your interested in the colors.

I’ve also found these swatches of the complete collection from an independent blogger (although she is a huge OPI fan, so she might be a bit biased ;).

Judging from the promo material To all a good night (affiliate link to Amazon) is my personal favorite. This is a dark grey polish with tiny glitter! I also love Dressed to the wines (affiliate link), but that one is a tiny bit on the streaky side for me. If you’re looking for a holographic shade, heart and coal (affiliate link) contains tiny holographic shimmers.

There are three shades that contain large iridescent glitter, I personally don’t prefer them for me, but I know some people will probably really like them. Some of the shades in this collection seem to be a bit streaky due to the pearl/metallic finish. However, I kind of like the old-fashioned/vintage vibe the polishes have. The shades are also available in the Infinite Shine formulation over here (affiliate link to Amazon).

I also just found out there is going to be an OPI advent calendar, which is available over here on Amazon (affiliate link)! Also different types of festive gift packages are available!

Update October 2020: My Picks

Although these shades are not officially available in the Netherlands yet, I have been able to get my hands on Heart and Coal (click here for swatches) and Dressed to the wines (click here for swatches). I also had the change to pick up To all a good night (which I called “my favorite” in the text above), however, in the end I didn’t get that one. It is quite funny to read back now, and I can assure you, Dressed to the wines is not that streaky as I expected it to be!

I’ve heard a lot of people that were quite negative about this collection. They claimed that it is such a regular Holiday collection and “such a disappointment after a gorgeous fall collection”. I personally don’t share this opinion at all. The last time OPI did such a collection was in 2017 (the XOXO collection). In 2018 they had a collaboration with the nutcracker and in 2019 they had a collaboration with hello kitty. Although I kind of like these collaboration, I definitely missed the usual Christmas collection. So I am very glad 2020’s collection looks more like the 2017’s collection. So yes, this collection is not SUPER original, but on the other hand, it has been three years since OPI did their usual Christmas collection.

Does this mean I am going to buy more from this collection? I am not sure yet. I do really like the advent calendar. But it is a bit strange to buy that for yourself, right? It would make a perfect gift for a nail polish addict though!

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I purchased this product myself.

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