OPI ‘Shine bright’ Holiday 2020 collection (+My picks)

Today I wanted to do a little throwback to OPI’s Holiday 2020 collection. I still often purchase older OPI shades, especially when I’m able to find them at discount stores. I don’t often share them on my blog, since I’m usually busy with newer collections. But this time I want to take some time for it, since some of you might still be interested in this!

The OPI ‘Shine Bright‘ collection originally existed of 12 regular shades plus 3 ‘special’ shades with iridescent flakes (so 15 in total). According to OPI it was a collaboration with Swarovski. If I remember correctly, there were also some special kits available that included OPI polishes and Swarovski crystals for nail art.

The colors from OPI’s shine bright holiday 2020 collection

OPI’s holiday collections always have a lot of special finishes. As far as I know only ‘Red-y for the holidays’ is the only shade in this collection that has a crème finish, all other shades have a metallic, glitter, or shimmer finish.

I was immediately impressed by this collection, but when I looked at the shades more carefully, I found out that a lot of them had a pearl finish. I absolutely can’t stand a pearl finish, so when this collection was released I only picked up Dressed to the wines and Heart and coal. This spring I found Let’s make an elfie and To all a good night on sale, so they also had to come home with me. I’m so glad I did because these last two are now my favorites of this collection!

OPI Let’s make an elfie

Let’s make an elfie is ‘a shimmery violet-purple’ according to OPI. According to me, that doesn’t describe the shade well at all. Let’s make an elfie looks to me like a purple duochrome with a pink to blue shift. It’s absolutely gorgeous! The shade is a bit sheer at first. It seemed to cover in two coats, but in bright light, I could still see that the base was not as dark as it should be on some nails. I ended up doing three on some nails, but if you’re not too perfectionistic, you can also get away with two.

There is actually a funny story behind Let’s make an Elfie. I was reviewing the purple color from the Malibu collection, called The sound of vibrance, when I suddenly received a ton of DMs with questions about whether I could compare it to OPI Let’s make an elfie. I didn’t really remember let’s make an elfie, but I did know that I didn’t own it. After receiving what seemed to be the 100th message about how great let’s make an elfie was, I decided to track it down. I was very lucky since my local drugstore still had it with 50% discount. Although I usually prefer OPI’s nail lacquer formula, my local drugstore decided to only offer the Infinite shine version of this collection, so that’s why I ended up purchasing the infinite shine version.

OPI To all a good night

To all a good night is described as a shimmery midnight blue. I get what OPI was going for when they created this one! It is a gorgeous inky blue with silver shimmer. The color covered nicely in two coats and it is unlike anything else I have in my collection. It is shimmery, yet also elegant. When the collection was released last year, I originally put it in my basket immediately. However, five minutes before ordering, I removed it because I wasn’t sure about the color. Big mistake! I was lucky and was able to pick this one up in spring/summer too, but it is a bit of a pity, since I know I would have last this one last year!

OPI Heart and coal

I already reviewed ‘Heart and coal‘ back when I bought it. But of course, I wanted to give it a second try for this post. Heart and coal is a black glitter that covers in 2 coats. It dries with a textured finish, and has larger holographic glitter in its base. If you want to make it smooth, you at least need two coats of topcoat. Although I’m a bit over textured polish, I still liked this one, but I don’t think I will reach for it a lot.

OPI Dressed to the wines

OPI Dressed to the wines is a red wine shimmer. The pearl shimmer in this one gives me vintage nail polish vibes! The polish has an excellent formula and covers in two coats. This is probably not the most original shade in a holiday collection, but it’s nice! Compared to other red metallics I have in my collection, this one is a bit more streaky. I don’t often reach for this shade since I have so many, but when I do, I’m surprised by how gorgeous it is.


If I’m being completely honest, I don’t like this collection as much as the OPI Holiday 2021 collection. The shades that I picked up are nice, but most of the shades in the collection are not as spectacular as in the Holiday 2021 collection. If I would have to buy these shades again, I would probably skip Dressed to the wines and Heart and coal. I would definitely still buy Let’s make an elfie and To all a good night (and maybe pick up Naughty and ice too).

You can still find some of these shades over here on Amazon (affiliate link). All of the shades are still available over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link). For 5% off regular priced items use the code ‘NOAENAILS’.

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