Essence Prismatic topcoat (Prisma love)

I was in doubt whether to post about the Essence Prismatic topcoat or not. I recently found out that this topcoat is going to be discontinued and might at the moment be available at a discounted price! Basically it is now or never. So I decided that now is the right time to show you this polish.

Essence Prisma love (or prismatic topcoat) is a topcoat filled with iridescent shards. The beautiful thing about these shards is that when applied over a dark color, it will have an extreme color shift. When applied over a lighter colour the color change is more subtle and will give more of a mermaid look.

Since there are already some swatches available of this polish over a dark color (check out this post for example, in German), I decided it was time to apply it over a light color. For my experiment I used two coats of the prismatic topcoat over the famous Essie mint candy apple.

You probably can see from the pictures why I was in doubt about sharing this topcoat, it is quite lumpy and thick, especially with two coats. The reason I did two coats is that with one coat the density of the flakies is not that great. With two coats the density of flakies is more consistent but the polish will become more lumpy. Some of the bigger flakies have quite a bit of texture and it looks kind of messy.

Since I do not own a lot of flakies, it was quite a fun experience to experiment a bit with different base colors. I don’t think this topcoat is comparable to the quality of indie flakie topcoats, however, it is also very inexpensive.

Essence Prisma Love is still available over here on German Amazon (affiliate link). But don’t be sad that it is going to leave! Essence is going to add a new flakie topper in their Shine Last and go line called A star is born (available over here on German Amazon, affiliate link). Hopefully the new color has a bit of a better formula than Essence Prisma love! If your looking for a good quality flakie topper, I definitely recommend ILNP’s real magic flakies collection . I think especially ILNP Imagine that is quite similar to Essence Prisma love. Check that one out on Amazon over here (affiliate link).

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