Essence Jelly nail polish remover test and review

If you follow the budget brand Essence a bit, you might know that Essence changes its collection twice per year. In their most recent change they added a new nail polish remover: The Jelly nail polish remover with soft pineapple scent. It definitely triggered my curiosity and it looks so cute with the pineapple print! Essence has had nail polish removers before and for me it used to be hit or miss. I really enjoyed their extra strong remover, but I disliked the “nice smelling” ones they used to have. Read further to see what I think of this one.

The test

Upon testing I quickly discover that the jelly nail polish remover indeed has a pineapple scent. Like the other “nice smelling” removers I have tried so far, I did not really enjoy this scent, but I guess it’s quite personal.

As far as the remover process: I also didn’t like it. The remover was not as strong and effective as I would have liked. For cremes it only took a bit longer to remove than regular polish remover, but it took forever to remover glitter polishes. I am way too impatient for this! I did like the structure of the remover. The jelly is indeed harder to spill. You do need to squeeze the bottle a bit harder, and I think you will use a little bit more than regular remover. But, it is not that bad of an idea to make a nail polish remover with a jelly texture, and I hope we’ll see more in the future.

Result after trying to remove Catrice Nice cream. When I tried removing it with my regular nail polish remover, it was gone with one wipe, so it’s definitely not the polish.


Essence is claiming that this Jelly nail polish is “travel friendly”. I think they claim this because this polish is not as liquid as regular remover; if you knock it over it won’t immediately spill. Also the bottle is quite small so you are probably allowed to take it with you into the cabin. You might know that I frequently traveled before the corona crisis. I frequently had to deal with removing my nail polish on the go. For me the nail polish remover pads that are soaked in nail polish remover worked best for me (you can find them over here on Amazon, affiliate link).

All in all I am not really a big fan of Essence’s Jelly nail polish remover, I will probably finish it, but I will not repurchase. There were a couple of things I did like however; the jelly structure and the fact that it is very cheap! Maybe they will release a stronger one in the future (I guess we’ll have to wait until the next update).

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