Essie – Teacup half full (Spring 2019)

Bottle of Essie teacup half full

I am a bit ashamed that it took me so long to review this polish. I already made pictures of Essie Teacup half full last year, but they were completely ruined because of bad lighting, so it took me a bit longer to post this polish. Teacup half full is from last year’s spring collection; I have already shown you Tiers of Joy, Pinkies out and A touch of sugar from this collection before.

Swatch of Essie teacup half full from the Spring 2019 collection

Essie Teacup half full is a medium brown nail polish with golden shimmer. Essie calls it a “chestnut” but I definitely think it is a bit lighter than chestnut. The golden shimmer gives it a bit of an old fashioned feeling; like the polishes we used to have in the 90’s and early 00’s. I must admit that I find Teacup half full very classy, but at first I found it a bit of a strange choice for a Spring collection. However, after seeing how good it matched with the other colors I kind of understood better, but it is not my favorite out of the collection.

Swatch of Essie teacup half full

I think most people are going to love this shade, and it will look great on most people. Especially if you are into classic neutrals. Most people will associate this polish more with autumn than with spring. It applied nicely in two coats, so I have nothing to complain. It is definitely ligher compared to some other shimmer-y browns that I own (see the picture below), so Tecaup half full was surprisingly unique in my collection.

Comparison of Catrice unmistakable style, Essie ready to boa, Essie teacup half full and Catrice Goddess of Bronze
Catrice unmistakable style vs Essie ready to boa vs Essie teacup half full vs Catrice godess of bronze

Although I love this polish more than I first expected, I think that I could have easily lived without it (as opposed to Pinkies out, Tiers of Joy and A touch of sugar from the same collection). I think I am going to grab it every once in a while when I want a neutral mani. You can find Teacup Half full over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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