Summer 2020 collections: China glaze White-hot and Orly Retrowave

I notice that there is a lot of interest in new collection for Summer 2020. Most brands released their Spring collections by now and the summer collections are slowly dripping in. I came across the new collections of Orly and China Glaze and I definitely thought they are worth sharing.

China Glaze White-hot

White-hot is going to be newest addition in the China glaze family. It is a collection filled with 6 new white polishes. At first glance they all look the same but they actually all have a different finish. My favorite from this collection is Hey Chardonnay, Hey, and Sauvignon and on (see swatches below). It seems like I will not be buying anything from this collection though, because I already have enough whites in my collection.

Orly Retrowave

Ahh I love Orly’s neons! This collection does not disappoint. It consists of 4 neon polishes and two regular colors. I am not wearing Neons that often anymore but I really love this collection. Apparently these colors are really bright on their own without a white base! That’s why I love Orly’s Neons! Shout out to Zibbyzoo who already swatched them! I am still looking for a better version of Orly’s Glowstick (swatches over here), so maybe I might end up picking up Oh Snap.

If you are looking for the new Essie summer 2020 collections; I have made a seperate post about those here. If I hear more about new collections, I will definitely keep you posted. Both these collections are not available on Amazon yet, but you might be able to find them somewhere else.

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