My kingsday mani: Sally Hansen x Jelly belly Peach

Let’s again take a small break from all the Essies I have shown you. If you have ever been in the Netherlands in April, you might know that we celebrate Kingsday (formerly known as Queensday, link to wikipedia) around this time of year. Usually we all go out in orange outfits and have a drink. None of that stuff this year due to corona. Usually, wearing orange nail polish is also very popular, so I decided to do that this year too. This year I have chosen for Sally Hansen x Jelly Belly Peach to be my mani.

Sally Hansen x Jelly Belly Peach was inspired by the Peach jelly belly and was released a year ago. The base is orange/peach and it contains red glitter in different sizes. The base is a bit jelly but covers OK in two coats. The coverage is much better than Buttered Popcorn from the same collection that I have shown you over here.

My advise is to use one or two layers of topcoat. It really helps smooth things out and the polish also looks nicer. The staying power is not that great, and taking this polish off is kind of nightmare because of the glitter. Soaking my nails in acetone helped a little bit. The polish is so fun and different from any other polishes I have owned, that it is worth the extra effort.

You might have missed it, but Sally Hansen released more Jelly Belly shades this year. See the posts on Sally Hansen’s instagram below. I am still waiting for a polish inspired by the mint chip icecream jelly belly though.

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