New Sally Hansen Miracle Gel shades and topcoat

I already heard that in some stores new Sally Hansen Miracle gel shades started popping up. Finally they have been officially announced together with a new topcoat. Read further to find out why I am this excited.

I never was a big fan of the Sally Hansen Miracle gel shades. I believe I only own one (and it is still in my “need to try” drawer of my helmer. My mom absolutely loves the Miracle gel line and thinks it is a great alternative to the UV gel polishes.

The reason I am this excited is because of the shade Hue there? This is a black holographic polish with red shimmers (swatches below).

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I’m losing my mind at this polish. It’s so beautiful. This is Hue There? From @sally_hansen from the miracle gel line. It’s got this gorgeous red shimmer and holographic glitter. This is 3 coats and on my shorter nails 2 coats probably would’ve been fine. It is a little textured from the glitter, but definitely not nearly as much as I expected. I freaking love this. ETA: removal wasn’t painful at all. Some scrubbing from the glitter, but not nearly as much as I expected. Another win! 🤩 . . . . #sallyhansen #sallyhansenhuethere #sallyhansenhuethere? #sallyhansenmiraclegel #nailsofinstagram #nailsoftheday #nailstagram #nailfie #nailporn #mainstreamnails #holographicnails #shimmernails

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This is one of the most awesome polishes that I have seen from a drugstore brand in a long time. The other shades are fine too but I guess this one really stands out!

I am quite curious to find out what is new about the new topcoat. As far as I remember the Sally Hansen Miracle gel top coat was quite shiney already.

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