OPI DS Reflection (Designer series 2008)

Soo… about 4 (!!) years ago I posted on my Instagram that I found OPI DS Reflection in the then just opened TK Maxx in my city. I promised there that I would “review this one soon” haha.. I remember wearing this shade and making pictures but I have literally no clue what happened to them. If I find my old SD-card I might be able to view the pictures, but I am afraid they are long gone. Maybe I never posted it because I didn’t want you to see that the cap is damaged because of the TK Maxx sticker (grr..).

All this time I was super carefull with this polish and didn’t want to wear it because “it’s so special”. This week I decided that it was time to wear it again and make proper pictures again, just because everyone deserves to see this polish!

OPI designer series is a collection of nail polishes with special finishes. The polishes got released over multiple years only a couple at each time. I believe the first ones got released in 2006 and the last time new ones were released was in 2015. Reflection was released in 2008. I remember them always being a little bit more expensive than regular OPI, and since back then I found regular OPI already overpriced, I definitely didn’t look into detail into the designer series. Until.. I came across reflection in TK maxx. Talking to other npa’s I found out that I wasn’t the only one that found Reflection in TKmaxx.. so you might still get lucky!

OPI Reflection is a berry red with gold duochrome shimmer and scattered holo particles (OPI calls this “diamond dust”). The duochrome shimmer is pretty visible in the bottle, but not that visible on the nail. The polish is super pigmented and covers in 1-2 coats. The strange thing about this polish is that it definitely needs topcoat, it dries very dull on its own. I remember that the last time I wore this polish it stained my nails but this time it didn’t.

OPI Reflection is not that easy to find anymore, so I compared it to other easier available alternatives. This is not the type of polish you often see in drugstores, so I had to resort to indie polishes. Picture Polish Nemesis, Picture polish Bordeaux and ILNP Diablo are gorgeous polishes, but are much darker than Reflection. Picture Polish Remember was kind of close but is browner and it misses the depth of the holographic and autochtone shimmer Reflection has. ILNP Stopping Traffic has more orange undertones and is more of a jelly, the density of the holographic particles is also different, but I think it might be the closest dupe out of these polish

Some of the Designer series are still available (click here to see which ones are still available on Amazon, affiliate link). The ILNP polishes are easily available on Amazon over here (affiliate link).

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I bought all these products myself.

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