Sally Hansen – Buttered Popcorn (Jelly Belly 2019 collection)

Let’s take a break from Essie nail polish! I was just casually shopping in my local drugstore and checking out the new Essie spring collection. As usual I walked to the discount section ( I had also found a couple of nice Essie polishes over there), when suddenly I found the Sally Hansen x Jelly Belly collection. I have seen this collection online about a year ago, but I had no clue they were even available in the Netherlands. After googling I found out that they have been available since August 2019, oops!!

The Jelly Belly collection consists of polishes with colors of Jelly Bellies. Most of the polishes are creams, but four of them are jellies with glitter (resembling the speckled Jelly Bellies). I really enjoy those jelly-glitter polishes, so I picked up two of those. Today I want to show you the first one: Buttered Popcorn.

Buttered Popcorn is a shade that you are either going to hate or are going to love. It is a white-yellow jelly with golden glitters with a couple of different size in it. When you use multiple coats it kind of gives a feeling of “depth”. I really enjoy it myself, it is so different than all other polishes I own.

Buttered Popcorn will need three to four coats to become completely opaque. At one coat it is almost like a clear glitter topcoat. I am wearing two coats on the pictures, and I really like that it is still a bit sheer. It is also a bit hard to apply because it is quite thick because of the glitter. Of course it was also difficult to remove.

Rumour goes that Sally Hansen is going to release a new collaboration with Jelly Belly this Easter. Some shades are new, and some of them we have seen before. I especially like Birthday Cake (seethe instagram post below)!

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