Milky white nails: Essie – Tuck it in my tux (Winter 2014)

In December Allure announced that milky white nails were going to be the next big thing for summer 2020 (click here for the article). Milky white nails are white nails that are not fully opaque, sometimes the tip shines through and they are a bit squishy. The look is easiest created by going to a nail salon and asking for white milky acrylics or gels. However, there are also some options for milky white nails using regular nail polish. The polish that immediately crossed my mind was Essie – Tuck it in my Tux. This is one of my first Essie polishes ever.

Tuck it in my tux is from the Winter 2014 collection (it is from the same collection as Bump up the Pumps). I definitely have a love-hate relationship with this nail polish. On the one hand, when it is applied, it looks gorgeous, but the application is horrible. This is also the reason why I never posted about this polish. When I was reading reviews of this polish I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t amused by its application. However, it perfectly fits the milky white nail trend.

The problem with Tuck it in my tux is that it is too opaque (for a sheer polish) and too streaky. It kind of looks like a bottle of white nail polish was mixed with a bottle of topcoat. With one coat is looks too opaque to be worn like that (it looks like an unfinished mani) and it is too streaky. With two coats it is still too streaky and with three coats it starts to look OK, but still a bit patchy. In the pictures, I am wearing 4 coats, which is good if you are not too perfectionistic. Because of all these coats, it takes a bit longer for the polish to dry, so you should definitely be careful. Also, the polish is a bit prone to bubbles.

I really love the final result. My nails look really clean and I definitely think that milky white nails could become a thing this summer. However, my advice is to only use/buy this polish if you really do not have another option. In the picture below I am comparing Essie – Mademoiselle and Essie – Birthday suit. Mademoiselle is more pink and more sheer. Essie – Birthday suit is more nude.

From left to right Essie – Mademoiselle, Essie – Tuck it in my tux and Essie Birthday Suit

If I again would have to buy a color like this I would probably go for Essie – Marshmallow or Essie – Allure, although they are also both known for being difficult to work with. Also OPI is known for making shades like this. I personally definitely like the look of Funny Bunny. And if you use a iridescent flakie topper (like Essence Glamaxy) on top you also immediately fit right into Allure’s iridescent nail trend.

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