Review of Orly Bonder (& good news for dutch readers)

Good news for all dutch readers! All Orly treatments are going to be available at Kruidvat. Finally! I am not affiliated with Kruidvat or anything but I am just really happy with it myself. A small recap for all non-dutch readers: Orly was very hard to get for a while in the Netherlands, there used to be some webshops that sold them, but they are now available at a huge drugstore. I was lucky and already found my Orly Bonder a couple of weeks ago at TK Maxx. It is such a hyped basecoat that I just needed to try it. I had heard so much about it that I needed to have this orange bottle of basecoat!

Orly Bonder claims to be a rubberized basecoat that “binds” the polish to the nail. The formula is a bit on the thin side, but the orly brush and cap are amazing. Because it is thin, it dries quite quick. It kind of dries to a matte finish, I believe this is what Orly means with “rubberized”.

Then the marketing part: does it really stay make your nail polish stay? I am not sure. Everytime I have used this basecoat my nail polish stayed on my nails quite well, but nothing really exceptional. No bubbling, just a bit flooding of the cuticle. It might be one of the nicest basecoats I have tried so far; but if I can be honest, it not a super interesting basecoat. I think that’s the deal with basecoats, if you use a bad one it can destroy your complete manicure but if you use a good one you will just not notice them. I think this is also one of the few basecoats that I might repurchase when I finish mine. (My bottle is still full at the moment though).

Orly Bonder is clear when applied to the nails

For all dutch ladies: check out over here for all the Orly treatments that are going to be available at Kruidvat. The only strange thing I noticed is that the nail treatments are not available in the usual Orly size (18 mL which is huge), but in a smaller version with 11 mL.

Have you tried any Orly treatments? Which ones do you recommend?

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