Nail polish news: Upcoming OPI collections summer 2020 (Mexico, Neo Pearl and hidden prism)

After the post about Essie’s new collections I couldn’t wait to make a post about OPI’s upcoming collections. As usual, OPI releases less collections than Essie, but the number of polishes in the collections are higher. So let’s have a look!

OPI Mexico City for Spring 2020

You probably have seen this collection by now, it is everywhere! Swatches are super easy to find. This collection consists of 12 shades; 9 cremes, 1 shimmer, 1 metallic and one sheer jelly with flakies. Some of these polishes are quite unique, most we have seen before. However, I think it is a very interesting and bright collection, with a lot of nice shades. For swatches I recommend the swatches of Manigeek (here). I love that they made a color called “my Chihuahua doesn’t bite anymore” (in the Mexico collection of 2006 they released a polish that was called “My Chihuahua bites”, which became an OPI classic). I’m probably not going to buy any of them, they are very close to shades that I already own. So probably no swatches from me! You can find the OPI Mexico on Amazon (affiliate link).

OPI Neo Pearl

Now this is the collection I am most excited about! For a long time, this collection was a big secret but the first swatches are finally here. This collection again consists of 12 shades. However, 6 of them are normal shades and 6 of them are infinite shine shades (quite strange, because normally polish is released in an infinite shine version and normal version). The normal shades all consist of the same finish; pearl-frosty. Definitely not my favourite finish, but I know that some people like them. The infinite shine shades are gorgeous though! They are all light shades with a special iridescent shimmer. The normal shades are available on Amazon over here and the infinite shine shades over here (affiliate links).

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New & So Much Sparkle 😻💫 _________ The new OPI NeoPearl collection painted onto swatches and took the photo in the sunlight, just so you can see for yourself just how shimmery they are ✨ My favourite is the Purple called ‘Just A Hint Of Pearl-Ple’ 💜 WHATS YOURS? 👀 • The Pink, ‘Shellmates Forever’? • The Blue, ‘Did You See Those Mussels?’ • The Nude Gold, ‘Pretty In Pearl’ • The Off White, ‘Shellabrate Good Times’ • Dark Grey/Green, ‘Two Pearls In A Pod’ • @opi @opinailsuk @opi_professionals #new #newcolours #opigelcolor #opineopearl #shimmer #glitter #sparkle #allurebeauty #freelance #opi #opiprofessionals #opimanicures #opigelcolor #nailsbyme #natural #nails #nailstagram #gelnails #gelmanicure

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Hidden Prism

This collection is the newest of these collection and I think it is already a summer collection. I came across the following post on Instagram:

It is also already available on websites like Polish Pick. It seems to be the same concept as the Neo Pearl collection: Different shades for the Infinite shine range and the normal range. The Infinite shine range seems to have smaller shimmer particles than the normal range. I guess we just have to be a bit patient when it comes to this collection!

What do you think? I can definitely see that there is a shimmer thing going on in the nailpolish world currently! I am definitely not complaining about that 😉

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