Essie – Zip me up (Gel Couture)

OK, I am a bit ashamed to admit that this polish has been in my stash for two years without me properly reviewing it. I already had worn it a couple of times but I never reviewed it. So guess what! This week it was time to finally do that.

A swatch of Essie zip me up with its bottle

Essie – Zip me up is a very light green shade with turqoise shimmer. I have never seen such a light green color! Once I applied it I understood why. This is definitely not the easiest polish I have ever tried. To make things even worse, my bottle was extremely goopy because I had already worn it a couple of times. Nail polish thinner to the rescue! I always use the Kiko thinner or Orly thinner, and the problem was kind of solved after a few drops. But the polish stayed difficult work with.

In the pictures I am wearing three coats. The polish did not dry that fast, even when I used the Gel Couture topcoat, which is normally fast drying. Two coats were also fine-ish, however I still saw some patches. Without the topcoat the polish dries to a satin-matte finish.

I compared a few shades, which I first thought were similar, but they are not even close. OPI Garguantuan green grape, Essie take a walk (also gel couture) and Essie Chillato contain much more yellow and are darker. OPI That’s hularious is very close but darker (or contains less white). Essie Passport to Happiness is the darker brother of Zip me up. It has the same kind of shimmer.

But guys! I just love how fresh and clean this polish makes my nails look. Everytime I look at them I feel amazing. It is such an awesome color! The nice thing about the Gel Couture line is that they stay on a bit longer than regular nail polish, so it is definitely worth the difficult application.

This polish was in the first collection of the Gel Couture line but it is still available (for example on Amazon over here, affiliate link).

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