Pantone Color of the Year 2020 in nail polish: Essie – Mezmerised

Most of you probably have heard of Pantone. It is a company that has developed a color coding scheme. Every year Pantone chooses a new “color of the year”. For 2020 they have chosen the color Classic Blue. Immediately after this was announced, posts on my instagram started to pop up that said that Essie – Mezmerised had the exact same color as Classic Blue. Of course it is hard to check, because of photography and camera settings, but I really believe that Mezmerised is quite close to the pantone color Classic Blue.

Essie – Mezmerised has been in the Essie collection for a very long time: since 2009. Back in 2009 it was apparently really a unique color in the nail polish world. It was one of Essie’s first blue shades. Before 2009 Essie was apparently all about reds whites and pinks and no blues! It is quite hard to imagine, because releasing a blue polish like this is now completely normal.

I got my Mezmerised in the Essie adventcalender of 2016 and I never wore it!! Everytime I picked it up I was “meh” about it. Until this year! I am so glad I own it now. Mezmerised covers perfectly in only one coat. I was really surprised, because I usually feel that polish needs a second coat, but definitely not this one! The fun thing about Mezmerised is that it never looks black, something I hate with other blues. It also has a bit of a dusty look, and is not a bright blue like Sally Hansen’s Pacific blue or Essie Butler Please.

There is another strange thing about this polish: Over the years it changed names a couple of times: In the beginning it was called mesmerize, I also saw Mezmerize and my bottle is now called Mezmerised. There also seems to be a differnce between the European naming and the US naming. It is super strange!

I compared Essie – Mezmerised to some other Essie shades, however I do not own any dupes. I expected OPI – Tile art to warm my heart to be quite close. However, it is way lighter. Essie – All the wave is supposed to be very close. Unfortunately I do not own it so I have no clue. Mezmerised seems to be the best option if you are looking for a medium blue.

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