Essie – Precious Cargo-go (Expressie)

Bottle of Essie Expressie Precious Cargo-go

Hello everyone! I have a very special polish for you today. I already told you that Essie released a new polish line, called Expressie. It is supposed to be a quick dry and go line and is available in 40 new shades. I believe this polish was originally announced already in December. However, I found it in the Netherlands last week on Zalando. Of course I couldn’t wait to try it and show it to you.

Swacth picture of Essie Precious Cargo-go

You can recognize the new Expressie by looking at the bottle; the bottles of Expressie are a bit leaner and taller than the regular Essie bottles. The bottle contains a bit less than the regular Essie bottle but has the same price. The brush feels a lot like the Gel couture polishes, only is this brush angled (the brush is not cut symmetrical). In the beginning it feels a bit weird, but after the first nail it is quite a nice brush to use.

Brush of Essie Expressie Precious Cargo-go

I have seen a lot of shades that I really liked. However, of course I limited myself (this time) to one. Precious Cargo-go stood out, because it is a very nice “ugly” green that I do not have in my collection yet. I really seem to be liking this kind of shades right now for my clothes ánd for my nails. The polish covers with one thick coat or two thinner ones. Essie claims that these polishes should be fast drying; however, I did not notice much difference compared to other Essie’s so I think it is just marketing.

Essie Expressie Precious Cargo-go

In the end, I really like the colors of the new Expressie line, there are many more that I want to have now. The brush is also pretty decent. I think a lot of people will enjoy the new colors, so you should definitely check them out! Precious Cargo-go is available on Amazon over here (affiliate link). Essie also released new color for their Expressie line, read more about that over here.

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