Sally Hansen Sour Patch Kids (Halloween 2020)

I’ve been doubting whether or not to write about this collection. However, people seem to be super interested in new halloween collections at the moment, so I’ve decided to post the Sally Hansen Sour Patch Kids collection too.

As the name already gives away, this collection is a collaboration between Sally Hansen and the candy Sour Patch kids. It contains 5 polishes (but 6 at walgreens) and a sugar top coat.

The colors are Ghouls night out (black), Hallogreen (green), Pump-kid (orange), R-I-P-urple (purple), The un-red (red), and a blue shade boo-lue (only is available at Walgreens). The “sugar” topcoat it what ties everything together, it is called First Sour than sweet.

I haven’t seen any swatches yet, but this seems like such a fun collection. It probably won’t be long until someone swatches these and we know which ones to get! I’ve heard this collection was already spotted at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS and Ulta, so be sure to keep your eyes open! Edit: Karend swatched the collection over here on her blog!

Update: I’ve also spotted it on Amazon over here (affiliate link).

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