OPI This Color hits all the high notes (Muse of Milan Fall 2020)

OPI this color hits all the high notes

In the post about OPI Leonardo’s model color I’ve told you that so far the only color I bought from the Muse of Milan collection was that color. Well.. guess what! I had some discount codes left and I really really really like the complete OPI Fall 2020 collection. So I bought This color hits all the high notes and Suzi talks with her hands too!

This color hits all the high notes is not a color I usually go for. It is a light lilac/grey pearl color with a green shift. It is really pearly, and that’s a finish I don’t like in general. A lot of other colors from the Muse of Milan collection were already sold out at the store I bought them (Leonardo’s model color, My Italian is a little rusty, and Complementary Wine were all gone). I decided to give This color hits all the right notes a go since it is so different from all the colors I already own. But I definitely think there are some things you should now before buying this color!


I am wearing three coats in the pictures. Although it might seem that this polish is opaque in three coats, if you have very long and white tips you might still see them through the polish. I came to the conclusion that this polish is just supposed to be sheer, and I’ve accepted it now. One coat gives also a very delicate effect (but also very sheer) and two coats is also very wearable. Three coats gives an almost but not quite opaque look. It reminds me of the shades we used to wear in the 90’s and 00’s.

Swatch of OPI This color hits all the high notes

The second thing I want to talk to you about is the streaks. The thought that ran through my head when I applied this polish was: “Oh no it is super streaky”. After letting it completely dry and aplying topcoat there are still streaks visible. However, when I look at a polish from a reasonable distance, it is not that noticable and it doesn’t really bother me anymore.

The pictures of this polish really bring out the green flash. In real life it kind of depends on the lighting. Sometimes it suddenly appears very pink, sometimes it is more grey and sometimes the green shift is very prominent.

OPI This color hits all the high notes from the OPI Fall 2020 Muse of Milan collection

I’ve tried applying this polish over a darker basecoat, and it turns out that this polish is really different over a dark base. It almost becomes blue. I personally like it better on its own, but it is definitely worth trying. I’ve also seen people wearing it over a lighter color (for example here) this gives an opaque look while keeping the shimmer.


Since I’ve always avoided these type of pearly whites, I don’t own that many shades to compare to. The only shade I own that is somewhat similar is Essie All daisy long. This shade is however MUCH whiter and when next to each other doesn’t even really look like This color hits all the high notes. Although This color hits all the high notes is unique in MY stash, it is definitely not unique for OPI. In the new Holiday 2020 collection, there is a shade, called Tinsel Tinsel lil’star, that is very similar but just has a bit larger particles. Also Dancing keeps me on my toes from the Holiday 2018 collection looks very similar to This Color hits all the high notes.

Would I buy this polish again?

OK I won’t lie to you. My first reaction was when I saw this polish in the bottle: “Oh wow that’s pretty”. My first reaction when I applied this polish for the first time was: “Oh no why did I buy this polish”. I am definitely not a fan of pearl finishes, and I needed to give myself a little time to get used to this polish. However, now that I’ve worn this polish for some time, I definitely start to like it. The streaks are not that noticable at all, and its sheerness also doesn’t bother my anymore. Instread I noticed that the lilac to green shift in this polish is incredible, while still remaining delicate. Plus the polish reminds me of the shades we used to wear in the 90’s and 00’s so I kind of appreciate it from a retro perspective. I think this is the kind of shade that people can either appreciate or dislike. I guess it is just not for everyone.

You can find OPI This color hits all the high notes together with all the other colors from the Muse of Milan collection over here on Amazon (affiliate link). This color is also in the Infinite Shine mini set over here (affiliate link).

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I bought all these products myself.

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