OPI Fall/Winter 2021 (Downtown LA)

The OPI Fall/winter collection is always, without a doubt, my favorite collection of the year. I was actually googling for more information about OPI’s new nature strong line, when I realized there were more new shades labeled “Downtown LA” or “DTLA”. My heart skipped a beat when I actually realized this was the new OPI Fall/Winter 2021 collection! I immediately messaged my friend Luimination_nails, and she confirmed that it indeed was real!

This collection consists of 12 new shades, inspired by Downtown Los Angeles.

The shade names are:

  • Violet visionary (a bold plum creme )
  • Abstract after dark (A glimmering blue-purple nail polish, updated version of Lincoln park after dark)
  • OPI (heart) DTLA (A dusty grey creme)
  • Angels flight to starry nights (A holographic sky-blue )
  • Isn’t it grand avenue (A deep dark blue)
  • Art walk in Suzi’s shoes (A cherry red cream)
  • 7th & flower (raspberry-pink creme )
  • Espresso your inner self (“coffee colored” and “auburn” creme, according to OPI)
  • (P)ink on canvas (A light pink cream)
  • Graffiti sweetie (A light lilac creme)
  • My studio’s on spring (A green pine creme}
  • Metallic composition (A rose gold metallic)
All colors of the new OPI Fall/Winter 2021 called Downtown LA

There is again a mini pack available, consisting of the following colors:

  • Metallic composition
  • Espresso your inner self
  • Art walk in Suzi’s shoes
  • Abstract after dark

My opinion

I’m personally still completely into summer colors right now, since it is still the beginning of July. It feels a bit weird to be looking at fall colors already. I can’t wait to see the first swatches of this collection though! I’m really excited about Angels flight to starry nights, but I have ordered all shades. So far, I do not regret it at all, but let’s wait for them to actually arrive first!

Update: The shades arrived at my doorstep! I’m extremely happy with them! I’ve published the swatches over here, and I also tell a little bit more about my experience with Polishpick.


The shades are now available at Beyond Polish over here (affiliate link). This collection is also available on Amazon over here (affiliate link). I’ve ordered them myself from Polish Pick, since Beyond polish and Amazon do not ship to the Netherlands (how great is it that Polish Pick does!). In the Netherlands, this collection will be available starting from the 16th of August.

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Bonus: I posted the OPI Celebration collection for holiday 2021 over here

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