Orly Fall 2021 (Wild natured)

Once one Fall collection gets released, more will follow quickly. Today it is time for the Orly Fall 2021 collection. Again, I didn’t find this collection myself. My friend Luimination_nails shared this on her Instagram! If you haven’t followed her already, go do that now, because she is always super quick with new collections and her descriptions are fun to read!

The new collection is going to be called Wild Natured and consists of six new creams. The shades will be called:

  • Lion’s ear (A orange/yellow cream)
  • In full plume (A teal cream)
  • String of hearts (A red with pink undertones)
  • Wild willow (An olive green cream)
  • Bird of paradise (An orange cream)
  • Blue tango (A navy blue cream)
All shades of the Orly fall 2021 collection: Lion’s ear, in full plume, string of hearts, wild willow, bird of paradise, blue tango

I absolutely love that all the shade names are references to plants Γ‘nd that the shades match these plants quite well. “String of hearts” (also known as Ceropegia Woodii) is one of my favorite plants ever, and I literally always have at least one in my house! At first, the color didn’t really look like my String of hearts, but I quickly realized that the shade matched the little flowers of the plant perfectly!


I’m not sure about the release date of this collection, but last year it seems like the fall collection was sent to people with a color pass somewhere in August. For regular stores, it will probably take a bit longer, and if you live in Europe like me, it will probably take even more time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this collection will again be available over here!

Update: You can find the shades now over here on Amazon (affiliate link)

As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

4 thoughts on “Orly Fall 2021 (Wild natured)”

  1. OMG a Fall Collection and no brown! I am in. They look so interesting too πŸ˜€ I am not really a fan of browns, probably said before haha!

    I donno a lot about plants 😐 I had a few in the house and always made sure they were cat safe! I have edibles in my garden: plum tree, apple trees, cherry tree, grapes and blackberries. The cats are indoors so no need to worry about them. I have recently started foraging and been picking mushrooms. 2 I knew I was safe with. And picked wild garlic at the end of June. Today I picked some raspberries and blackcurrants. Will get more tomorrow. I see so many lovely plants on my walks and no clue about them. I need to learn!

    1. I didn’t even notice that there was no brown!
      I think the “string of hearts” is cat safe, so could be an option for indoors! Sadly I don’t have a garden anymore, but only a balcony. Fortunately, in our neighborhood, we have lots of wild blackberries ( never seen raspberries though).

  2. Mine is supposed to be delivered tomorrow-so excited! Summer 2021 was my first box and I am loving the colors!

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