Morgan Taylor Fall 2021 (No boundaries)

We are just going to continue with more fall collections! Some people shared on Instagram that they received a PR package from Morgan Taylor. Although everything was very secret, I just knew it had to be the new fall 2021 collection. After an evening of googling, I finally found more information about this collection. It going to be called “No boundaries” and it consists of gorgeous fall shades (and yes, sadly also of one brown shade). Update: This collection has been released for a while now, you can find my swatches over here.

The collection is going to consist of 6 crème shades and will be released in regular nail polish (Morgan Taylor), gel nail polish (Gelish), and also as dip powder. The shades are going to be:

Morgan taylor’s fall 2021 collection: Catch me if you can, Laying low, Totally trailblazing, afternoon escape, uncharted territory, and keep ém guessing

• Laying Low – Rich Navy Blue Crème
• Uncharted Territory – Garnet Crème
• Afternoon Escape – Burnt Orange Crème
• Catch Me If You Can – Pumpkin Crème
• Keep ‘Em Guessing – Taupe Crème
• Totally Trailblazing – Hot Chocolate Crème

The shades are now available on Beyond Polish over here (affiliate link).

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My opinion

In the first place, I’m totally shocked that I was able to find these shades since I hadn’t heard anything about them. The collection immediately gave me fall vibes and makes me want to grab a cozy sweater. To be completely honest, it is probably not the most surprising color palette for Fall, but you can never go wrong with these types of colors. I never picked up Morgan Taylor before, but this time I’m definitely tempted! I’ve bought them myself from, so I hope they will arrive soon!

5 thoughts on “Morgan Taylor Fall 2021 (No boundaries)”

  1. Love the colors, I’m ready for Fall colors.
    What about the Zoya or Olive & June collections, any sneak peeks of those collections?

    1. I haven’t seen anything yet, but I also haven’t looked specifically at these brands. But it is a great suggestion, I will keep looking!

    2. In case anyone else is looking for this: I found a sneak peek of the Zoya fall 2021 collection: It is going to be called “Nostalgic”. I don’t have any pictures that I can share here yet, but I hope to be able to share it soon!

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