Barry M Plum Jam (Autumn 2021)

Back in 2014, when I just started collecting nail polish, I was always drooling over Barry M nail polish. I probably spend hours just looking at pictures and not buying anything. Sadly, I lost track of Barry M. Many shops stopped selling it in the Netherlands, and I never heard anything about Barry anymore.

When I received a discount code from Lyko, I took a look at their nail polish selection. I found out that they also have Barry M polish. Apparently, Barry M just released two new collections. I couldn’t find a lot of information about them, but there is a fall collection consisting of 6 new shades, and an Autumn nudes collection, consisting of five brown shades.

The Barry M Fall 2021 collection: Apricot tart, Berry Pie, Parma violet, Plum jam, Huckleberry, Vanilla slice.
The Barry M Autumn Nudes collection: Espresso, Cappuccino, Tiramisu, Chai latte, and Café au lait

In the end, I only picked up one shade, since this was my first time trying Barry M nail polish and I wanted to make sure it would work for me before purchasing a lot. I picked Plum jam, which is a gorgeous purple/magenta crème. The wide brush of this polish was very nice, and the formula covered basically in one coat (but I did two). The formula was very shiny and the polish lasted a long time on my nails!

With an Essie base and top coat, the color lasted five days on my nails which is quite impressive. I immediately wanted to go back and purchase more, but I constrained myself. I love their whole fall collection, and also their core collection looks amazing.

If you’re living in the UK, you’re lucky. Barry M should be relatively cheap and easy to find. Especially in the rest of the world, the shades are more difficult to find, especially the newer collections. I’m very happy that I found them!

2 thoughts on “Barry M Plum Jam (Autumn 2021)”

  1. It looks nice. I have been tempted by the non-brown new Barry Ms and they recently reduced the Advent Calendar. I might pick them up at some point! They usually cost me £3.99 full price and some discount stores sell them at £1 or £2 for the older discontinued ones.

    1. Oh wow that’s a good deal! I believe even with the reduced price I paid more than that! This is the first time I’m hearing about their advent calendar actually, I need to check it out!

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