New Catrice Iconails for Fall/Winter 2021

Yes, another Catrice article! It feels to me like forever since the Catrice fall/winter update was released, but it was only last month! The announcement of the new holiday collections really messed with my sense of time!

Anyway, today I have the five new shades of the ‘Iconails’ line. The Catrice Iconails shades are Catrice’s regular nail polish line. They replaced the “Ultimate nail lacquers” a couple of years ago. One of my favorite Essie Fiji dupes is actually from the Iconails line, but that’s about the only shade I own. Each time Catrice updates the ‘Iconails’ line I get excited, but I’m also often a bit disappointed. The collection often consists of neutrals, with every now and then some shimmer.

I had high hopes this time based on the promo material. All new shades have a name of a capital/land in the name, so it reminds me a bit of Essie Keep you posted collection. Let’s continue to the swatches!

Catrice Dream me to NYC

Catrice Dream me to NYC

Catrice Dream me to NYC is a taupe/grey creme. It feels like quite a standard shade for Fall. The shade covered nicely in two coats. It is a very good basic color, especially if you don’t own anything like it yet. That being said, if you have a large collection like me, you probably already have a shade that is similar.

Catrice Take me to Tokyo

Take me to Tokyo is a dusty rose creme. Again, the shade covered nicely in two coats. I always really enjoy these type of shades, so this is actually my favorite of the collection. Having been to Tokyo, I must say that I have no clue why they picked Tokyo for this shade.

Catrice Bring me to Morocco

Bring me to Morocco is an orange-red creme. It indeed reminds me of the Moroccan flag, I understand why they picked Morocco. This is a very nice color for fall, but also for other seasons, like summer. It’s just a great shade and I have nothing more to say about it!

Catrice Beam me to Dubai

Beam me to Dubai is the disappointment of the collection to me. Based on the promo material, I expected a glittery gold. I honestly also would have found that quite fitting for Dubai. Instead, the polish is a pearly brown, which in some pictures might look gold. The polish covered nicely in two coats, but the pearly finish in combination with the brown base is a no for me. I just regret picking up this one!

Catrice Fly me to Kenya

Fly me to Kenya is another shade I’m not too sure about. The shade covered nicely in two coats, so that’s all fine. I would describe this color as ‘Khaki’. Although I understand that ‘Khaki’ is a popular color during fall, it does not look good on my nails at all. Maybe if you have a bit of a darker skintone than me, it will look great. But for me personally, it’s a pass.


All shades covered in two coats and had great formulas. That being said, I’m 100 percent sure I should have skipped ‘Fly me to Kenya’ and ‘Beam me to Dubai’, they are just not my cup of tea. The other three shades are very nice. I only hoped that the update would have been a little bit more exciting. The shades are not groundbreaking or anything, and in that sense, I’m a bit disappointed by this collection. Well, I guess maybe better luck in spring!

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