Orly fall 2020 (desert muse)

Photo by Walid Ahmad via Pexels

Personally, I am still not ready for Fall nail polish. Over here in Normandie France, where I currently stay, it is incredibly hot. I do have to admit that I started noticing that days already get shorter and some plants are preparing for Fall already.

More and more shots of Orly’s fall 2020 collection are being released. It is called Desert muse, consists of 6 shades and is filled with neutral and dusty shades.

The colors in this collection are: Canyon Clay (a burnt orange, definitely a stunner!), Midnight Oasis (a dark blue), Sagebrush (a green/gray color), Roam with me (a dusty light pink), Red rock ( a dusty red creme), Wild abandon (a plum).

It is a nice collection but a bit boring. It is exactly the color palette I expect from a fall collection. When I saw the swatches below I kind of changed my mind about it being boring. And I actually really enjoy the colors all together. Considering Orly is quite hard to get over here, I will probably still skip this collection. But I can imagine a lot of people are going to love these shades. If you are looking for classic fall shades, definitely check this collection out.

If you’re interested in more Fall collections, you can find Essie waterfall in love over here and OPI muse of milan over here.

Update October 2020: The Orly desert muse collection is available over here on Amazon (affiliate link). As expected, this collection really grew on me over time! Now that I am looking at it now it’s actually fall I really appreciate the colors. The color that definitely speaks to me the most is Canyon clay. This also seems to be the color that is sold out almost everywhere! I do have to mention that this collection is very difficult to get here in Europe anyway (and much more expensive compared to the US). So don’t expect to much of my swatching this collection. However, a lot of different bloggers did review this collection, I personally really enjoyed the review by Kelli Marissa over here. If your curious, Orly also already announced there Holiday 2020 collection already, check it out over here.

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