Essie – Summer Soul-stice (Midsummer 2019)

Each year around May/June Essie releases a Midsummer collection in Scandinavia (this year it is also being released in the US and is called Feelin’ Poppy). Usually I don’t pay that much attention because I know that they will be very hard to get in the Netherlands. The collection is usually a nature inspired collection with a flower theme. 2019’s midsummer collection consisted of 5 already released shades and one new one: Summer Soul-stice. (For the complete collection you can look here, in swedish).

I already saw Summer Soul-stice last year, but I had accepted that I wouldn’t be able to buy it, since it is not being released over here. However, one month ago I came across it on the website Zalando (no I am not sponsored, just an enthousiastic consumer), and I immediately knew I needed it in my life.

Most people know that yellow is a difficult color to apply. I found Summer Souls-stice not that difficult. However, I noticed that there is a lot of white in this polish. It applies a bit similar to a lot of white polishes I have tried. It is not difficult but also not the easiest. If you use thick coats you might be able to get away with two. Summer Soul-stice bubbles very easily, which is the only downside of this polish. I think when you apply thin coats it won’t be a problem and it didn’t really bother me.

I have nothing in my collection similar to Summer Soul-stice, but I am not that big of a yellow fan. Essie Chillato and Essie Take a walk are much more green than Essie Summer Soul-stice. Essie Hay there from the Fall 2019 might be the most similar (recent) Essie, however it is only a bit darker. In the instagram post of Saraholme below you can clearly see the difference with other Essie yellows. Her instagram is great btw! Hay there and Avant Garment are still easily available on Amazon (affiliate links to Amazon). I love that Essie listened to their consumers and released more yellow colors!

Update July 2020: Essie is releasing more and more yellows, if you are interested definitely also checkout Busy bee line from the expressie collection (affiliate link), sunny business (affiliate link) and Atelier at the bay from the sunset soiree gel couture collection (affiliate link).

I really enjoyed wearing Summer Soul-stice, especially around Easter. I feel very fortunate that I was able to get my hands on this one! Immediately look ten times as tanned wearing this polish. Maybe that’s why yellows are quite popular! Unfortunately it is Summer Soul-stice is a bit more difficult to find due to the Scandinavia only thing. I did found it however on German Amazon over here (affiliate link).

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I bought all these products myself.

2 thoughts on “Essie – Summer Soul-stice (Midsummer 2019)”

  1. I just bought Summer Soul-Stice too (at a drugstore in Germany, where Zalando is based…). I’m really happy with it. A yellow that looks o.k. on my pink hands is a rare thing, and it applied o.k. in 3 thin coats. No bubbles, and hardly any streaks. Also wears o.k. with no top coat.

    1. Nice! I will try again. I think I wanted to make it work in two coats and applied it too thick. I am also really happy with it.

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