Essie Summer 2020 (Bustling Bazaar + Feelin’ Poppy +Sunny Business+ Sunset soiree)

Not that long ago I made a list of all Essie’s upcoming spring collections over here. However, the first essie summer 2020 collections are being released already. Time flies! As a result, I have spotted four new collections so far, Bustling Bazaar, Feelin’ Poppy, Sunny Business and Sunset soiree. More might come, but this is the overview so far.

Bustling Bazaar (Summer 2020)

Bustling Bazaar is the true summer collection, it consists of 6 shades inspired by Morocco. I am really enthousiastic when I see them all together, and it definitely gives me summer vibes. I have also spotted this collection in stores right now, and it is really pretty. They are available over here on Amazon (affiliate link). Check for swatches the instagram post below. For more information and swatches of the Bustling Bazaar collection, check out this post.

(post coninues below picture)

Feelin’ Poppy (Midsummer 2020 collection)

Essie Come on clover, Essie Feelin’poppy, Essie sway in crochet, Essie Everything’s rosy, Essie Ruffle your petals, Essie Blossoms n besties

Feelin’ Poppy is the midsummer 2020 collection which is usually only released in Scandinavia. Essie decided to release it in more countries this year, in the US this collection is available at Walgreens. The midsummer collections are usually inspired by nature and this one is no different. For swatches of all Feelin’ poppy polishes check out the Instagram post above. I just really love the theme of this collection and the polishes fit perfectly. If you are looking for dupes, check out the following post from Livwithbiv. I personally think Excuse me, sur, Go Ginza and Blue-la-la are some nice dupes for Everything’s rosy, Ruffle your petals and Sway in Crochet.

Update June 2021: A lot has happened since I have written down this post last year! In the US this collection was still only in Walgreens (as far as I know). The collection was also released in the rest of Europe (which I honestly never expected). In the Netherlands, this collection was released in August 2020 just as the “Feelin’poppy collection” (it was a bit late for midsummer). I believe in Germany they were quick enough to call it a midsummer collection. However, apparently, this collection was never released in the UK until this year! In the UK the feelin’ poppy collection is going to be available on the 16th of June at Superdrug, just as an extra collection! I am feeling bad for my UK-Essie lovers that they had to wait so long, but at the same time, I’m happy for them that at least they still get to enjoy this collection! I was able to pick up Come on clover with a 40 percent discount, so if you are living in the Netherlands, keep your eyes on the discount sections of your local drugstore!

Sunny Business

So I was super excited to find out that there was going to be a third collection called Sunny Business. This collection is already available in Germany and is popping up in more places in the US. This collection should be widely available everywhere right now.

EDIT JUNE 2020: In north-America you can find the Sunny business collection in the same display as the Let it ripple collection. This is another new Essie collection with a lot of awesome shimmer polishes with a surf theme find out more over here. The Essie sunny business collection also consists of 9 shades in the US!! Everywhere else this collection consists of 6 awesome shades. The Sunny Business collection is also available on Amazon now over here (affiliate link). I have swatches Suits you swell myself over here. I’ve seen the yellow shimmer-y shade, sunny business, in person now and it is definitely awesome. If you like yellow shades I would definitely recommend it! I have swatches of Sunny business over here right now.

Swatch of suits you swell compared to other Essie Purples Island hopping and Ciao Effect.

Sunset Soiree (Gel couture)

So this new Gel couture collection was announced on Essie’s instagram. And it is another one I am really excited about. As expected, it consists of 6 polishes in Sunset colors. Obviously I am really excited about Atelier at the bay, which is another Essie yellow.

June 2020: Sunset Soiree is now available on Amazon here (affiliate link).

It probably will depend on your region when you can expect these collections. If you’re still into Spring collections, you can check them out over here. If you are looking for China glaze and Orly’s summer 2020 collections check out this post.

EDIT June 2020: I just heard even more Essie summer 2020 collections are coming! Check this post over here too.

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  1. Thanks for this overview. The Sunny Business collection is completely available at dm stores (saw it yesterday). I am excited about this collection and picked up 3 of them
    Have a nice day and greetings from Cologne.

    1. Wow that is cool! Maybe I might be able to go on a trip to Germany once the Corona thing is over. It always takes so long before a collection reaches the Netherlands.

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