Essie Bustling Bazaar (LE Summer 2020 collection)

Photo by Mark Neal from Pexels

So far, Essie has announced 4 different summer 2020 collections (you can find them over here)! Because there was little room left in that post, and a lot new info is out there, I thought it would be better to make a more in-depth post about the Essie Bustling Bazaar summer 2020 collection.


Essie Bustling Bazaar is inspired by Morocco. Although I have never been to Morocco, I did visit north Africa, and I can clearly recognize some things! First of all, the name Souq up the sun (Souq rhymes with book), is of course a reference to Soak up the sun and souqs (little markets) and the name “Worth the tassle”, refers to “worth the hassle” and tassle. It really makes me smile. Second, the colors are really like the spices and the stuff you see over there, so it is a really nice collection.

Swatches Essie Bustling Bazaar

More and more swatches have been released from the Bustling Bazaar collection, I collected a few that I found really helpful. First of all, I really enjoy this post from Livwithbiv, she swatches all colours and compares them to similar (recently released) colors. Secondly, I find the swatch video from Phoebe Moon really helpful. She mentions that most polishes seem to cover in two coats. Thirdly, the comparison instagram post from gopolished (below) is really helpful too.

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I got a lot to say so listen up 🙎🏼‍♀️😂. I have comparisons here for you for the ✨new✨ Essie Summer Collection. I included the comps from my video review plus some new ones I put together this morning due to several requests. I love when you give me comp requests because I do miss some close colors from time to time. I didn’t have some of the suggested red Essie polishes so I picked up Geranium and Lacquered Up while I was at the store. (I couldn’t find Really Red.) I have to say that I love them both!! I am slowly becoming a red polish~Lover 💕 🎶 (I am singing ‘lover’ in my best T-Swift voice😉). Anyway, the closest red I have now to Spice It Up is Lacquered Up but even that is a touch lighter. Hopefully you find these very helpful!

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If you’re looking for the polishes from the Bustling Bazaar collection, you can find them here on Amazon (affiliate link). Still not sure which I am going to get, but I am curious to see which ones you would pick!

Note June 2020:

I’ve finally found the Bustling Bazaar collection myself in stores, and it is such a pretty collection. However, I found two things that might be noteworthy: Kaf-tan is much more orange than I expected. I expected it to be truely brown, and I get the impression that most swatches are not accurate. The second things is that my store didn’t have Mosaic on down, but had “Tea and crumpets” in the display instead. I first thought someone made a mistake and just put it there, but on closer inspection I saw that it was really printed in the Bustling Bazaar display. Super strange!

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