Essie Come on clover (Midsummer 2020, Feelin’ Poppy)

You are reading this correctly, I am reviewing a shade of the Midsummer 2020 instead of 2021. Surprisingly, this collection is now being released in the UK under the name “Feelin’ Poppy”. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, in case you don’t remember this collection: In northern Europe and at Walgreens in the US, this collection was released as the midsummer 2020 collection. This collection was released in the Netherlands in August 2020. I didn’t pick it up back then. It was pretty much the end of summer and I had already heard about Essie’s fall 2020 collection, so I didn’t feel like picking up another summer collection.

The complete Midsummer 2020 “Feelin’ Poppy” collection: Come on clover, Sway in crochet, Ruffle your petals, Feelin’ Poppy, Everything’s rosy, Blossoms n’besties

Fastforward a year later: I found Come on clover, the green shade, in the L’Oreal outlet in Roermond together with some other shades from last year. I still was very curious, so I decided to give this polish a shot!

Swatch of Essie Come on clover

Essie calls Come on clover “a vivid green nail polish with yellow undertones”. I honestly feel like this shade is not going to be for everyone because of these yellow undertones. For me, it reminds me of my grandparents’ seventies restroom and also a bit of Granny smith apples. The formula is very nice, covering in two easy coats. I definitely felt oddly stylish when wearing this shade, it’s a very surprising color!

Comparison of Essie Chillato vs OPI Pear-adise cove vs Essie come on clover vs Essie Feelin’ just lime and Essie on the roadie

If I would have picked up Come on clover last year, it would have been totally unique to my collection. However, releasing green nail polish seems to be quite on trend right now. OPI Pear-adise cove is closest to Essie Come on clover, but Pear-adise cove is probably a little bit more yellow. Feelin’ just lime is less yellow, and it seems like Essie On the roadie contains a lot of blue compared to all other shades.


Is Come on clover a must-have? I’m not sure, it depends a little bit on how much you personally like greens with a yellow undertone. As said before, I was told that this collection would be available starting from the 15th of June in the UK, but people reported on IG that they couldn’t find it yet. Also checking my regular US websites, this collection seems difficult to find at the moment. I guess your best shot is hoping that you can grab it from a discount store! If you’re not able to find it: I would say that OPI Pear-adise cove is a very good alternative (although not entirely the same). Also Morgan Taylor has a green with a yellow undertone in their new summer collection, called Into the limelight, which might be a good choice too (affiliate link)!

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