Holo taco Electric holos collection (Summer 2021)

Just for the record: I purchased these polishes myself (as all polishes on my blog), and I’m not getting paid to write this.

This is my first time ordering Holo Taco! I’ve already had my eyes on Holo Taco for a very long time, but each time I decided not to order because of the delivery costs and import taxes. However, in this new Electric holos collection, there is a black holo and some other great colors, so I had no other choice than to order this collection! As far as I know, the box is sold out right now and won’t make a return. If you’re not familiar with Holo taco yet, I would recommend checking out their website.

At the moment of writing this, Holo tacos holographic shades come in two forms: linear holographics and holographic glitters. Holographic glitters contain scattered holographic glitter in different sizes, may be a bit difficult to remove without peel off basecoat, and are a bit more rough (but they are incredibly pretty). The linear holographics are completely smooth, the particles are tiny, the polish is super easy to remove, even without peel off basecoat and the holographic pattern is more linear. All 5 shades in this collection are linear holographics, but I will also soon be reviewing a holographic glitters, so you can see the difference!

All these shades have a narrow brush. For me, it is not a huge problem, but I definitely prefer a bigger brush. It took some getting used to again, especially since most brands seemed to have switched to the bigger brush. Cristine (Simplynailogical) talked about this in some of her videos, explaining that she picked the brush she liked best and she didn’t realize that a lot of people preferred the bigger brush. So they definitely are aware of this, they are just not sure yet how they are going to approach this problem.

For each of these shades, I have added a picture in natural lighting and one with flash. I want to give you an honest picture of how these shades look. I swatched all these shades with one layer of Essie Gel setter (Glossy taco was sold out), because without a topcoat the holo is a bit less strong.

Holo taco Full charge

Swatch of holo taco full charge

Full charge is the first one in the box, so I decided to start with it! At first, I wasn’t that excited about “Full charge”. To be completely honest with you, if it wouldn’t be in this collection, I’m not sure whether I would have picked it up. But this shade is so gorgeous! On the Holo taco website, it is called an electric lime green. Although I do agree with the lime green, “electric” seems to be implying that it is neon, but I would just call it a very bright polish, especially for a holo! Full charge had a great formula which completely covered in two coats.

Holo taco Full charge with flash

Holo taco Circuit breaker

Holo taco Circuit Breaker

Holo Taco Circuit breaker is a silver linear holo. I’m quite surprised Holo Taco didn’t have a shade like this. I didn’t really miss it, but it is quite strange considering their logo is a CD! Basically, every brand (even mainstream ones) has shades like this, however, this is probably is one of the most holographic ones I own. I had a bit of trouble with applying this shade. The room I was sitting in was incredibly hot, which wasn’t good for the formula of this polish at all. The other shades all seemed to manage, but Circuit breaker was horribly thick. I put it in the fridge for two hours, and after that, it applied like a dream! If you are living in a warm area you probably already knew about this trick, but I never had to use it before in the Netherlands (#globalwarming?). As far as coverage goes, this polish is probably the sheerest in the collection and I had to use three coats.

Holo taco circuit breaker with flash

Holo taco Hydropower

Holo taco Hydropower

Hydropower just stole my heart to be really honest. Just look at it! On the holo taco collection this color is called “aqua” and I find it very fitting. In my opinion it is slightly too blue to be called a turquoise, but it is also not a pure blue. This shade covered in two very easy coats ( even with the heat). I do think the holographic flame is a bit less visible in Hydropower than in the other ones, but it is honestly really hard to tell. I’m pretty sure I am going to be wearing this shade a lot!

Holo taco hydropower with flash

Holo taco Electrostatic

Holo taco Electrostatic

Electrostatic is a black linear holo. This is probably the most unique shade in the collection, I don’t see black holographic shades that often. If I do see black holographic, they are usually greyed out and look more like dark grey. This one definitely doesn’t have that. In one of her recent videos, Cristine explains that she added a bit of a blue undertone to the base, which makes this polish seem blacker than other holographic “blacks”. This shade is also incredibly opaque. I would say that 99 percent of the time, one coat is enough for full coverage! I’m definitely super impressed.

Holo taco Electrostatic with flash

Holo taco Hot-wire pink

Holo taco Hot-wire pink

And last but not least, Hot-wire pink. I definitely thought I was going to like this shade the least, but it is such an amazing color. I would say it is not your regular pink nail polish, it has just the right amount of purple mixed in. The formula of this one was also again so perfect. It covered in two coats, and it was so incredibly easy to apply! I’ve also bought Magenta Jelly, and all I can say (for now) is that Magenta Jelly is much darker and more purple.

Holo taco hot-wire pink with flash


These shades are definitely worth the hype! I’m so glad that I was finally able to get my hands on them. Of course, some people will tell you that other indie brands have similar colors, and that is probably true. However, when you’re a fan of Simply Nailogical, you at least need to have tried one of Holo Taco’s linear holos! I immediately wanted to pick up more shades, but to be really honest with you, my bank account was hurting after all these new collections! If you have the opportunity to pick this shades up, do it, you won’t regret it!

Holo taco Electric holos with flash
Holo taco electric holos collection without flash

Some advice on shipping

If you’re living in the EU, you are going to need to pay import taxes on your order. Holo Taco already lets you know about this in checkout and makes you pay it right when you order this. I’m quite thankful for this because if you don’t pay it in advance, you might need to pay an extra fine. The downside is, that there seems to be a lot of extra expenses added when checking out your order. At the moment I ordered from Holo Taco, they had free shipping on orders over 100$. This is quite worth it if you’re living in Europe, my order even became cheaper when I added more polish! As far as I know, Holo taco is not sold anywhere else so you cannot order them from another stockist. Of course, you can always try to order together with a friend and split the shipping costs!

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