Essie Cyber Society (Spring 2023 Target exclusive)

There is another new Target-exclusive Essie collection for Spring 2023: Cyber society. This collection has been standing on my Essie collection list for a while now, but I didn’t have good pictures yet.

The collection is, similar to OPI’s spring 2023 collection, inspired by tech. Like we’re used to from Essie, it is another six-piece collection consisting of the following shades:

  • Cyber society ( a purple creme)
  • In our domain (a pink creme)
  • Geek chic (a grey to purple duochrome)
  • Hyperlinked (a blue/turquoise creme)
  • On the download (a light purple shimmer)
  • NFTea ( an orange creme)

In the US, these shades again have a very cute design in the theme of the collection on the cap! However, again, in Europe the shades will just have a plane cap.

Essie Cyber Society

I’m not sure how I personally feel about this collection. The color scheme of the entire collection reminds me a lot of the Essie Keep you posted collection from a couple of years ago (the resemblance is uncanny). I will probably try to get my hands on ‘On the download’, but I will likely skip the other shades from the collection because I feel like I own similar shades already.


The shades are going to be available both in the US and in Europe. In the US, this collection is only going to be available at Target. In general, my advice would be that if you like these shades; pick them up as soon as you can. Usually, these exclusive Essie shades are a bit harder to find once they sell out. In Europe, they are not going to be exclusive to any particular store, so I compiled a list of shops where the collection is currently available.

Availability in Europe

  • Boozyshop (ships worldwide, including the UK and US)
  • Notino (ships to most countries in western/northern/central Europe)
  • The makeup spot (ships to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France)

On questions on Instagram Essie answered that the collection is not going to be available in Germany, however, all of the above websites also ship to Germany. Previously, Essie’s Instagram team often answered that collections wouldn’t be available in Germany, but in the end, they were released there, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

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