OPI Spring 2023 (‘Me, myself and OPI’)

Yup, you’re reading that correctly, this is a preview of OPI’s Spring 2023 collection! This is the first 2023 collection that I have found so far! The collection is going to be called ‘Me, myself and OPI’ and will consist of 12 tech-inspired shades. The shades will likely be released around the end of January 2023 so it will still take a while before we get to see these, but it’s definitely fun to look at them.

>>UPDATE: The OPI Spring 2023 is now available on Beyond Polish, click here to purchase and use code ‘NOAENAILS’ for 5% discount (affiliate link)<<

“Beauty has entered the Metaverse” with the Me, Myself & OPI Collection!

The 12 new shades are going to be called:

  • Blinded by the ring light (a pastel yellow creme)
  • Clear your cash (a green creme)
  • Data peach (a pearly peach shade)
  • I sold my crypto (a shimmery violet)
  • I meta my soul mate (a baby pink pearl)
  • Incognito mode (a purple mauve creme)
  • Left your texts on red (a shimmery red)
  • NFTease me (a turquoise creme)
  • Pink in bio (a soft pink creme)
  • Silicon valley girl (a tangerine orange creme)
  • Spring break the internet (a shimmery pink)
  • Switch to portrait mode (a powder pink pearl)
OPI Spring 2023 preview ‘Me, myself and OPI’

I have seen some swatches of this collection now, and I just want to add the warning that all of the shimmers in this collection are sheer. There is nothing more disappointing than finding out at home that you bought a sheer polish, thinking it would be full coverage, so keep it in mind!

You can find this collection now on Beyond Polish over here (affiliate link), you can use my code ‘NOAENAILS’ for 5% off full priced items.

If you’re not completely ready for spring yet, which I completely understand, don’t forget to check out OPI’s new Holiday collection, and their fall collection.

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4 thoughts on “OPI Spring 2023 (‘Me, myself and OPI’)”

  1. I’m glad they’re going for something different than usual, this year their collections have really disappointed me. The Xbox didn’t seem to fit the theme, the formula of most colors of the summer collection is very bad and the autumn wonders seem bland and boring to me. I’m not even excited about their Christmas collection, looks very similar to previous years. It’s time they really started to pile on.

    1. Yes, the fall and Christmas collection are not for me, especially since OPI raised their prices in the Netherlands. I’m excited about this one, but I’m afraid that I will be disappointed again, but it looks promising!

  2. Did OPI run out of cities or countries to
    name their polishes after? Honestly, naming your polishes after NFTs and
    cryptocurrency- can you get anymore boring!?!

    OPI prices are continuing to rise here in the US too. I did buy four from their holiday collection because they were half off. I thought the holiday colors were pretty nice, and yay! to OPI for not having one red creme!! I only bought five OPIs this year.

    I buy the majority of my polishes from
    Essie because they are readily available
    at several different stores, and I can always get them at a discount. At $11.49, OPI charges the most of the mainstreams I am most interested in. That price is what Essie Gel Couture charged just a few years ago. To be fair, they now cost $13. Shipping has gone up too, so I really don’t order polishes anymore unless I can get free shipping.

    Now that I’ve got my rant out of the way, these colors look nice for a spring
    collection. I’ll pass, but I’ve got plenty of lovely spring colors from past years (including OPI) to wear.

    1. I’m wondering the same about the cities and the countries… it was really OPI’s thing and now this?
      It does look like a nice collection, but there is a large probability that I will also skip this collection or at least wait for swatches from other people!

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