Orly Breathable Fall/Holiday 2022 (‘In the spirit’)

Orly breathable’s collections never fail to amaze me. My jaw literally dropped when I saw their new Fall 2022 collection! If you’re going to invest in one nail polish collection this year, let it be this one, because it is absolutely amazing. From most brands, the fall collections have disappointed me a tiny bit, mainly because of the lack of shimmers. But let me tell you, this new ‘In the spirit’ collection is all about shimmers! You can wear these easily during the fall, but you can also wear them easily as you’re Christmas manicure!

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The “In the spirit” fall 2022 collection is going to consist of 6 new shades (as we’re kind of used to right now with Orly).

The new colors are going to be:

  • Cran-Barely Believe: A cranberry red with deep crimson tones.
  • Lost In The Maize: A golden glitter, like a maize field in the sun.
  • Oh My Stars: A dark maroon with a shimmer.
  • Light My (Camp)Fire: A vibrant copper glitter.
  • Faux Fir: A fir tree green with a pearlescent shimmer.
  • I’ll Misty You: A deep maroon shimmer with a red tint.
Orly Breathable fall 2022 collection called ‘In the spirit’

This is the first fall collection this year about which I really feel like I just need to have it! The shimmers look unique, and are exactly in the perfect color scheme for fall! I genuinely just love it!

The collection is available over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link). In Europe I was able to find the entire collection on Nailpolishdirect and Orly.gr. Considering that this is a fall collection, I don’t think it will take long before this collection is available everywhere!

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