Orly Holiday 2022 (‘Futurism’)

Finally, I came across pictures of Orly’s holiday 2022 collection. It took me much longer than normal, so I think they really did their best to hide this collection! The “theme” of 2022 was “art movements”, so I’m not surprised to see that this collection is also inspired by an art movement: “Futurism”.

I wasn’t able to find an official description yet, but I was able to find the shade names, and pictures of the six new shades:

  • Fluidity
  • Urban landscape
  • Dynamism
  • Ascension
  • Forward momentum
  • Industrial playground
Orly holiday 2022 Futurism collection

Although I don’t have any shade descriptions, it looks like these shades are going to be metallics/duochromes, which fits ‘Futurism’ very well. At a first glance, I would say that Orly made some really interesting duochrome combinations I have never seen before, so I’m definitely curious to see how these shades will look on the nail.

I haven’t found an official release date yet, but my guess is that the shades will be available soon-ish.

2 thoughts on “Orly Holiday 2022 (‘Futurism’)”

  1. Thanks for your exceptional sleuthing! This is sure better than what I’d feared from the art theme name (I want CHEERFUL for the holidays). I don’t have many metallics/duochromes in my collection so this works for me.

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