Essie Gel Couture Fall 2022 (‘Tailored transformation’)

One of the collections I was still missing for fall, was Essie’s Gel couture fall collection. It’s finally released, and I’m more than impressed. The collection is going to be called ‘Tailored transformation’ and is going to consist of six new shades. Essie gives the following description:

“Introducing Essie’s Tailored Transformation 2022 Collection. Shed your alter ego and get ready for a change of seam this season. Summer sass morphs into autumn allure so pull out your best transition piece mix and maxi and layer it on me. With one last look you’ve completed your style evolution as nature evolves, you do too.”

>>Click here to purchase this collection on Beyond Polish (affiliate link)<<

The collection is going to consist of the following six shades:

  • Change of seam (an orange creme)
  • Autumn allure (a dark green creme)
  • Transition piece (a medium brown creme)
  • Layer it on me (a medium pink creme)
  • Mix and maxi (a purple creme)
  • Style evolution (a brick red creme)
The Essie Gel couture fall 2022 collection called ‘Tailored transformation’

>>Click here to purchase this collection on Beyond Polish (affiliate link)<<

I’m personally absolutely in love with this collection! It has all the classic fall colors that I like, and I wish that the regular Essie fall collection was a little bit more like this one!

The Essie Tailored transformation collection is now available over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link), but there are also several other websites that sell it in the US. It’s not certain whether this collection will also be available in Europe and Canada.

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4 thoughts on “Essie Gel Couture Fall 2022 (‘Tailored transformation’)”

  1. Two of the colours have the same subtle shimmer as the colours from the Fashion Fete Collection, which makes this one even more precious, I think: Transition piece and Style evolution. I completely agree with your opinion – this is what a Fall Collection should look like. I’m really excited and have asked Essie if we have any chance in Europe. It’s too bad that we are so often forgotten with gel couture.
    Greetings from Cologne!

      1. I have the answer from Essie now: Of course, this collection won’t be launched in Europe. Well … But: I ordered at and got all six shades with excellent service and a fair shipping rate. I will try them out soon and I am really looking forward to!

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