Swatches of the OPI Spring 2024 ‘Your way’ collection

Exciting news, I was able to get my hands on six shades from OPI Spring 2024 collection! The collection is not for sale yet, so I’m super excited that I was able to get my hands on a part of it. In case you missed my original post, the collection is going to consist of 12 new nail lacquer shades, plus nine new infinite shine exclusive shades. It’s therefore a very large collection.

I was able to get my hands on seven of the nail lacquer shades early, Spice up your life, Material Gowrl, Apricot AF, $elf made, buttafly, Without a Pout, and gLITter.

OPI Spice up your life

Let’s start with the shade that’s probably my least favorite. Spice up your life is a light brown creme with a good amount of yellow. Although I appreciate the color, I feel like it doesn’t match my skin tone. The formula was very nice and opaque. It was basically opaque after the first coat, but I did two for the picture.

I didn’t really have any OPIs that were close to Spice up your life, so I pulled out some Essie colors to compare. Essie Coconuts for you is probably the closest shade I own to OPI Spice up your life, although Coconuts looks a bit more orange. Essie on the Bright Cider and Essie Midnight Delight are both darker than Spice up your life.

OPI $elf made

$elf made is probably one of my favorites from the collection, and I will admit, on Instagram also a lot of people were enthusiastic about this one! It’s a very nice light green. It’s not a mint, but it’s really agree and I feel like we don’t get these often! The formula was really nice as well, opaque after two easy coats!

I don’t have anything in my collection that is similar to $elf made. OPI Closer than you might Belem contains much more blue. Essie On the roadie is darker and OPI Clear your cash is lighter and contains more yellow.

OPI Material Gowrl

Material Gowrl was one I thought I wasn’t going to like, but I really ended up enjoying it. The shade is quite a bit darker than Spice up your life and definitely different enough to own both. Spice up your life is a very warm brown, which makes it very unique. The color was again opaque after one coat, but I did two for the picture.

On Instagram, I got a lot of questions about how OPI Material Gowrl and OPI Espresso your inner self compared. Material Gowrl contains more yellow and is warmer, while Espresso your inner self is a lot cooler (a lot more like Espresso while Material Gowrl has a more caramel color). I also pulled out OPI Ice-berger and fries, which is also cooler than Material Gowrl. OPI & apple pie is very similar to OPI Material Gowrl, but OPI & Apple pie is just a bit paler. OPI & Apple Pie is a vintage OPI shade and difficult to find, but I actually found a lot of bottles, and I’m selling them over here on my Etsy store.

OPI Without a pout

If you are a pink nail polish lover, you probably already own a shade like OPI Without a Pout. Nevertheless, OPI Without a Pout is a fun cool pink creme. It’s bright, but not a neon. The shade was opaque after two coats, and was very easy to apply.

Comparison of OPI Big bow energy, OPI Without a pout, OPI No turning back from Pink Street and OPI Telenovela me about it. As you can see, Without a pout is definitely not unique. It’s basically identical to Big bow energy and No turning back from pink street. Telenovela me about it also looks very close, but in real life it has shimmer and it is a jelly.

OPI Buttafly

Buttafly is a very pale yellow with a gold shimmer. The shimmer basically disappears when you apply it to the nail, and is only visible if you look closely. The shade was a lot thinner than the other five. I’m wearing three coats in the picture. It looks OK from a distance but if you look really close, you can see some patchiness. I personally don’t mind, but if you’re really perfectionistic, this might not be the shade for you.

In the picture above, I compared OPI Buttafly to OPI Blinded by the ring light (from last year’s spring collection), OPI The pass is always greener and OPI Stay up all bright. Buttafly is definitely the closest to Blinded by the ring light in terms of color. Blinded by the ring light does not contain the gold shimmer that Buttafly has, but it’s barely noticeable so it does not make a large difference. The main difference to me is that Buttafly has a slightly jelly formula while Blinded by the ring light has a creme formula. I like Buttafly a bit better, but both shades are so close that you don’t need Buttafly if you already own Blinded by the ring light.

OPI Apricot AF

Hate the name, but I love the color of OPI Apricot AF. This bright peachy orange creme is really pretty! Similar to Without a Pout, it’s not a neon, but it is very bright. This is another one that needed three coats. The formula was very easy to apply, but it still looked a bit patchy after two coats. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the extra effort though!

I’ve compared OPI Apricot AF to OPI Trading paint, OPI Is mai tai crooked? and OPI Time for a Napa. OPI Apricot AF is in the same color family as Trading Paint and Is Mai tai crooked?, however, it is a bit lighter and more peachy than the other two. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth it to own Apricot AF even if you already own Trading paint and Is mai tai crooked?


OPI gLITter is probably the most unique shade from these seven. I’m actually not sure if I like it or hate it. In the promo pictures, this looked like a bright orange shimmer, but it leans very yellow in real life. The first coat is quite sheer (but not sheer enough to work as a top coat), but luckily the shade builds up to opacity in three coats. To be quite frank, I’m not sure if I would reach for this shade often.


Initially, I wasn’t super excited about the creme part of the OPI Spring 2024 collection. However, after trying them out, I do really like them. Some colors are a bit surprising for a spring collection, but I’m not surprised because brown has been a popular nail polish color for a while now. As far as I know, these shades aren’t available yet, but they will be released on the 1st of February!

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