Swatches of the OPI Spring 2022 Xbox collection

OPI x Xbox collection including custom controller.

After all the Essie spam, it’s time for the OPI Spring 2022 x Xbox collection. OPI and Xbox teamed up for an Xbox-themed nail polish collection. The collection consists of 12 new shades, ranging from cremes to special effect polishes. Before I start, I guess I have to add a little disclaimer: I purchased eight of these shades myself, but I won OPI’s giveaway on Instagram, and they gifted me the entire collection and the purple controller. Of course, my opinion remains objective.

About the collection I have some good news: It should be available everywhere now. In case you’re looking for the controller: unfortunately, it is a custom controller, and you can only win it through OPI’s Instagram or Tiktok. It depends on your country whether you are still able to participate (check their social media!).

The OPI Spring 2022 x Xbox collection

When I purchased the shades originally, no swatches were available yet. I chose to pick up 8 shades out of 12. I skipped four cremes, Achievement unlocked, Suzi is my avatar, trading paint, and Racing for pinks. I’m very happy that I got that now because especially Achievement Unlocked is a shade that I wouldn’t want to miss out on (plus it matches my Xbox controller!).

OPI You had me at HALO

OPI You had me at Halo

Of course, I had to pick up You had me at Halo, because I used to be a huge Halo fan. You had me at Halo is described as a pearlescent light blue, but I also clearly see some purple in it. I used three coats for my pictures, but even then it wasn’t entirely opaque yet. What you do not see in the picture, but what is very obvious in real life, is that this shade also contains multi-colored iridescent shimmer. It’s a very pretty shade, and it’s definitely worth the extra coats. I didn’t have anything to compare to this shade.

This particular polish also has a matching pearlescent blue armor in Halo. In order to get it, you have to make a qualifying purchase of more than 20$ from OPI’s Xbox collection on Amazon.

OPI Pixel dust

OPI Pixel dust is another super unique shade. The shade is described as pearlescent pink. Based on this description, you might think it’s the pink version of You had me at halo, but it is entirely different. The color consists of a pink jelly base, entirely filled with super reflective silver flakes. If you’re familiar with indie nail polish: this shade is similar to Holo taco’s Frosted metals or ILNP Ultra metallics (without the holo), and KBshimmer also used to have these types of shades. This is actually the first time I see a mainstream brand do a shimmer like this and I’m a huge fan. I want this shade in every color of the rainbow!

I had to use three coats for complete opacity, but the color is so sparkly that already after two coats it appears to be opaque.

OPI N00Berry

OPI N00berry

OPI N00berry is described as a berry purple creme. I love this type of shade, and I love the name so I definitely had to pick it up. I expected that this shade would cover in two coats, but I had some nails that needed a third.

OPI Grandma kissed a Gaucho vs OPI N00berry vs OPI Violet visionary vs OPI <3 to party

I already expected that I would have some dupes for N00berry, but I didn’t expect that OPI Violet visionary from 2021’s fall collection would be this close. N00Berry is slightly more berry-toned, but both shades are incredibly close. OPI <3 to party is too dark to be a dupe. OPI Grandma kissed a Gaucho is too light, but also has a jelly formula.

OPI Sage simulation

OPI Sage simulation

OPI Sage simulation is a sage green polish with a shimmery formula. Of course, this one had to come with me. The color isn’t really a sage, but more a mint green, and unfortunately the shimmer is much stronger in the bottle than that it’s actually on the nail. The formula was nice, but I just had to do three coats for complete opacity.

Essie Passport to happiness vs OPI Sage simulation vs Essie Viva Antigua vs Essie Seas the day

I love shimmery mints, so I already prepared myself that I would probably have some dupes in my collection for Sage simulation. However, I was surprised that none of them were actually that close. Passport to happiness is lighter and greener. Viva Antigua is also greener and contains a different type of shimmer and Essie Seas the day is much lighter.

OPI The pass is always greener

OPI The pass is always greener

OPI the pass is always greener is described as a pastel green. To me, it also leans a bit yellow. I definitely love this shade! We don’t get these types of shades that often so I knew I needed to pick this one up.

On the one hand, I was surprised by the opacity of this polish. I think there might be people who will get this opaque in two thick coats. However, I had to use three coats. I still saw some dark spots when I looked closer, but with an arm’s length of distance I couldn’t really see them anymore and also my camera didn’t pick up on it. Just a heads up if you’re really perfectionistic.

Essie Chillato vs OPI The pass is always greener vs Essie take a walk vs OPI Gargantuan green grape

I thought this would be one of the unique colors of the collection, so I was shocked to find that I actually own some dupes. Essie Chillato is close, but is less green and more yellow than the pass is always greener. Essie Take a walk is an exact dupe. I literally couldn’t find any difference, except that it was maybe more opaque. OPI Gargantuan green grape is a bit of a controversial shade because different versions exist. Mine is pretty close to The pass is always greener, but it’s just really sheer. Some versions of Gargantuan green grape contain more blue.

OPI Can’t CTRL me

OPI Can’t CTRL me

OPI can’t CTRL me is described on OPI’s website as a pastel blue nail polish. What they don’t tell you is that it also contains silver shimmer. Very pretty, in my opinion, but also kind of subtle. I had to do three coats for full opacity, but if you paint with thicker coats, you might get away with two. What I did notice, is that this shade is a reference to the ‘CTRL’-key on a windows computer, but an XBOX doesn’t have a Ctrl-key.

OPI Mali-blue shore, OPI Can’t ctrl me, Essie You do blue vs Orly Bleu iris

So many light blue shades seem to be released this spring! I definitely had a hard time picking the shades I wanted to compare to OPI Can’t ctrl me. The first one I picked was OPI Mali-blue shore, which was released for summer 2021. Mali-blue shore contains less purple than Can’t ctrl me, so it’s slightly different. Also Mali-blue shore doesn’t contain any shimmer. However, I liked Mali-blue shore’s formula much better and it was easily opaque in two coats. Essie you do blue is darker and contains pink shimmer instead of silver. Orly Bleu iris is lighter and doesn’t contain any shimmer.

OPI Heart and con-soul

OPI Heart and con-soul

OPI Heart and con-soul is described as a pearlescent red. It’s absolutely very pretty. I had to use three coats for complete opacity, but this shade is absolutely worth it.

OPI Strawberry waves forever vs OPI Heart and con-soul vs Essie Make no concessions vs OPI PCH love song

OPI Heart and con-soul immediately reminded me of OPI Strawberry waves forever. I wonder why OPI released two shades that are so close, so close to each other. Of course, I know that Strawberry waves forever wasn’t released in every country, so maybe that’s the reason. As you can see in the picture, Strawberry waves forever is pinker and has a blue flash, while Heart and con-soul is a warmer shade of red. I love the finish of both shades, but I kind of wish they did an entirely different color like green or purple. Essie make no concessions is not that close and has an entirely different type of shimmer. Also, PCH love song has a finer type of shimmer and is more orange.

OPI Quest for Quartz

OPI Quest for quartz

OPI Quest for quartz is described as a shimmery rose quartz. The shimmer is a bit larger than the ones in Can’t CTRL me or Sage simulation. I personally find the color almost a bit purple, but I like it a lot. The color was more opaque than I expected, covering in two coats.

OPI Seven wonders of OPI vs OPI Quest for Quartz vs OPI From dusk til dune vs OPI Somewhere over the rainbow mountains

When I ordered Quest for quartz, I thought it would be similar to OPI From dusk til dune. Once again, I was completely wrong. The shimmer in From dusk til dune is different, and the shade is much lighter and sheerer pink. In terms of color, OPI Seven wonder of OPI is the closest what I could find in my collection, but not a dupe.

OPI Achievement Unlocked

OPI Achievement Unlocked

This is Achievement Unlocked, the first shade that I didn’t buy myself. I immediately regretted that I didn’t pick up this shade originally. I’m always loving these types of light purples, and this one is no different. OPI describes it as a light purple cream, and I guess they are right. The shade had a very good formula and covered completely in two coats.

OPI Purple Palazzo Pants vs OPI Achievement Unlocked vs Orly Provence at dusk vs Essie Run wildflower

I originally didn’t pick up Achievement Unlocked, because I was afraid it would be too close to OPI Purple Palazzo Pants. I still think that they are pretty close, but it is worth owning both shades. OPI Purple Palazzo Pants seems to contain a bit of brown, making it a purple that is more suited for Fall and winter (plus it gives me grandma vibes). In contrast, Achievement Unlocked is very bright and happy and is definitely a spring shade.

Orly Provence at dusk doesn’t contain as much pink as Achievement Unlocked, and Essie Run wildflower contains too much pink to be a dupe.

OPI Racing for Pinks

OPI Racing for pinks

OPI Racing for pinks is another one I originally didn’t pick up. OPI describes it as a dusty creme rose, but there is nothing dusty about this shade! I usually do not go for these types of shades that often, which is usually why I didn’t pick this one up in the first place, but every time I wear them I love them.

The formula of Racing for pinks is not the best. I’m wearing three coats and although it looks fine from a distance and in pictures, I could still see some bald spots and I was tempted to do a fourth coat. In the end, I’m surprised because this is such a basic shade that I expected OPI to have figured out how to make them.

OPI Suzi nails new Orleans vs OPI Racing for pinks vs OPI Lima tell you about this color

You can probably figure out why I didn’t purchase Racing for pinks in the first place. It’s so incredibly close to OPI Suzi nails New Orleans (still available in OPI’s permanent collection). I had the feeling that OPI Racing for pinks was a little bit brighter, and that OPI Suzi nails New Orleans had a bit of a better formula, but I could just have imagined it. Lima tell you about this color is also incredibly close but is slightly cooler toned and a bit less bright. All three shades cover in three coats. Lima tell you about this color definitely had the sheerest formula and Suzi nails New Orleans was the most opaque, but the difference was incredibly tiny.

OPI Trading paint

OPI Trading paint

Before I did these swatches, I thought trading paint was not for me. As a dutchie, I’m only attracted to orange on the 27th of April or when our national soccer team plays. However, on the first coat, I already realized I was completely wrong. This is a very pretty orange! OPI calls this shade an apricot-orange, and it is indeed what this shade reminds me of! It complements the other shades in this collection very well, and I can’t believe I almost skipped this shade!

The shade applied well, but it did take me three coats to get complete opacity. Two coats in, I still had some bald spots.

OPI Is mai tai crooked vs OPI Trading paint vs Essie Movin’ and Groovin’ vs Essie Love-all game

The reason I originally didn’t pick up Trading paint, is that OPI has done some similar shades in the past. I own Is mai tai crooked? from the summer 2015 collection, which is very similar to OPI Trading paint. In my picture, both shades seem to be dupes, but in real life, OPI is mai tai crooked and is clearly lighter and slightly dustier. But still, both shades are incredibly close. In terms of application, I liked OPI Is mai tai crooked better, but in terms of color, I definitely enjoyed trading paint more!

Other shades that can be considered dupes for OPI Trading Paint are OPI Where did Suzi’s Man-go and OPI Crawfishin’ for a compliment, but (luckily) I do not own those. Essie’s Movin’ and Groovin’ is darker and Essie Love-all game is pinker.

OPI Suzi is my avatar

OPI Suzi is my avatar

OPI calls `Suzi is my avatar’ a vibrant pink with orange undertones. Definitely describes this polish well. I’m absolutely in love with the color of this polish, and I’m so glad I finally got my hands on it. I could definitely wear this all summer!

The formula was OK, I needed three coats for complete opacity. The polish had a tendency to bubble, so my advice would be to apply thin coats.

OPI Got myself into a Jam-balaya vs OPI Suzi is my avatar vs OPI Time for a Napa vs Essie Peach side babe

Now the reason that I originally didn’t purchase Suzi is my avatar: It is extremely close to OPI Got myself into a Jam-balaya. I tried to find a difference between the two shades, but there literally isn’t any. OPI Got myself into a Jam-balaya is a bit more watery, but doesn’t have the tendency to bubble, and still covers in three coats. I believe the color is still part of OPI’s permanent core collection. OPI Time for a Napa is very close but is slightly darker. Essie Peach side babe contains more orange.

Conclusion & Availability

The OPI Xbox Spring 2022 collection

Pretty nice collection right? I do kind of wish that there were more game-inspired names like ‘You had me at Halo’. But all in all, it’s a nice collection and I shouldn’t complain. I like the variety of finishes that this collection has, there is literally something in here for everyone. Whether you like cremes or special shimmers.

The collection should now be available everywhere (or will be very soon). You can for example find it over here on Amazon US (affiliate link) including a mini set of the collection. It’s available over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link), where you can use the code NOAENAILS for 5% extra discount. I purchased the collection myself from Polish Pick.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. Meaning that if you buy a product through one of these links, I might receive compensation at no additional cost to you. I marked all affiliate links clearly with the label “affiliate link”, all other links are regular links.As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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