OPI Summer 2022 (‘Power of hue’)

Although I just shared the swatches of the OPI Spring 2022 collection, slowly some information about the OPI Summer 2022 collection is being released! Every time OPI releases a new collection, I’m super excited. This time is definitely no different! The new collection is going to be called ‘Power of hue’ and will consist of 12 bright new shades.

This is what OPI has to say about the collection:

Be bold. Be colorful. Be hue.

Express yourself boldly this summer with a technicolor rainbow that will empower you to speak up, stand out, and show the world the Power of Hue

Again, this is a 12-piece collection. The new shades are going to be called:

  • Make rainbows (a shimmery lime green nail polish)
  • Mango for it (a shimmery orange)
  • pink BIG (shimmery fuchsia)
  • Sky true to yourself (shimmery light blue)
  • Sugar crush it (the lightest shimmery pink)
  • Sun-rise up (shimmery coral)
  • The future is you (shimmery nude)
  • Bee unapologetic (shimmery yellow)
  • Go to grape lengths (shimmery violet)
  • Feel bluetiful (shimmery turquoise)
  • Exercise your brights (shimmery hot pink)
  • Don’t wait. Create. (shimmery light purple)

As you can see, all of these shades are shimmers. Most shades seem to contain a glass flake-like shimmer. But some shades contain a different type of shimmer. For example, make rainbows and sunrise up seem to contain a finer shimmer. Feel bluetiful has an extremely beautiful green contrasting shimmer.

OPI Power of hue collection for summer 2022

There are actually going to be two minisets this time. One will include four shades (Mango for it, Pink BIG, Don’t wait create and Sky true to yourself), and one will include six mini shades (Pink Big, Mango for it, Bee unapologetic, Make rainbows, Feel bluetiful, and Go through grape lengths). I’m actually a huge fan of minisets myself, so I love that there is a large one and a smaller one!

This is definitely the prettiest OPI collection I have seen in a while, especially since all of these shades are going to be opaque shimmers. It reminds me a bit of what I wanted the OPI Summer 2019 to be. I’m glad that we now get what we want!

The collection is going to be released on the first of May. However, the colors are available for pre-order over here on Amazon (affiliate link). You can also find the colors over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link), which is usually a bit cheaper than Amazon. I’ve pre-ordered the following colors myself: Feel bluetiful, Go to grape lengths, Sky true to yourself, Don’t wait create, Make rainbows, and Exercise your brights. It was honestly a difficult decision because I love them all! I’ve shared the swatches over here.

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