China Glaze Summer 2022 (‘Jurassic World’)

If one summer collection is leaked, you know that more will always follow. Today it’s time for a sneak peek of the China Glaze summer 2022 collection called Jurassic World (Dominion). I was able to find 8 new shades.

This is the text that accompanies the shades:

China Glaze is going Jurassic this summer! In partnership with Jurassic World: Dominion, we’ve cloned the brilliant tones and bold textures of the movie in an all new, blockbuster nail lacquer collection. Stand out from the pack with fiery orange auburn and amber gleams to fossil grays, fierce blues and forest greens. Use with caution – these colossal shades are bound to rule the earth!

China Glaze Jurassic World summer 2022 colors

The shades are going to be called:

  • You should know Beta!
  • Olive to roar
  • Orange you fierce
  • T.Rex appeal
  • Let ’em roar
  • Sandy scales
  • Preserved in Amber
  • Raptor round your finger

I’m personally really impressed with his collection. It reminds me a bit of a fall collection, but I love all the sparkles. There will also be a ‘Dippin’ dots’ collection, which will feature more summery shades, so that might be the reason that these colors are not your typical summer colors.

The collection is now available over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link). Use code ‘NOAENAILS’ on Beyond Polish for 5% off regular-priced items.

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2 thoughts on “China Glaze Summer 2022 (‘Jurassic World’)”

  1. Omg you mentioning the “ dipping dots” I knew I saw that somewhere and recently well i recalled it was Walmart Salon Perfect which from what I’ve heard is in the China Glaze family so funny wonder if shades will be the same going to take a better look next time at Walmart as far as this collection I thought the same that it felt fall but looks fun and interesting always look forward and count on China Glaze to be interesting and IMO the best main stream brand hands down esp now 7 free and wider brush I’m a big fan!

    1. Yes, I agree with you, I love their brush nowadays and they definitely release the most interesting collection from all the mainstream brands! Salon Perfect is indeed a sister brand, so I’m wondering if both ‘dipping dots’ collections are going to be close! I already found the names, but I wasn’t able to find the colors (yet).

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