Essie Midsummer 2022 (Hostess with the mostess)

Once again, I return with a new Essie Collection! Today it’s time for the Essie midsummer 2022 collection called ‘Hostess with the mostess’. This collection was already on my radar for a while, since swatches suddenly started popping up on Youtube. But besides from this, I wasn’t able to find anything about this collection. Until now! The Hostess with the mostess collection is going to be the new Midsummer 2022 collection (in Europe).

The collection consists of six new shades, and is a CVS exclusive in the US. However, the collection is going to be available in Europe too! The European name is going to be ‘Rose to the occasion’. Five shades of the Hostess with the mostess collection will be the same as in the Rose to the occasion collection. However, one brown, ‘centerpiece of attention’, will be replaced by a green called Dance till dessert.

Essie Hostess with the mostess for Midsummer 2022

The shades are going to be called:

  • Hostess with the mostess
  • Buzz worthy bash
  • Blooming friendship
  • Dance till dessert (EU)/Centerpiece of attention (NA)
  • In good taste
  • Rose to the occasion

I did not put the color of Dance till dessert in the picture above. In case you’re curious, the Dance till dessert is going to be this one:

Alternative color for Essie Dance till dessert

Anyway, this collection is already available in the US at CVS. I think this collection is going to be released very soon in Scandinavia. It might take a bit longer to reach the rest of Europe though. I will definitely try to keep this post up to date, and report back as soon as I find out more! Update: The collection is available for pre-order on Amazon fr (not an affiliate link), the release date will be the first of May. I expect that these shades will slowly be released everywhere else.

4 thoughts on “Essie Midsummer 2022 (Hostess with the mostess)”

  1. I am so happy that it is ‘coming soon’ here in Denmark 🙂 Thank you for spotting that! Also it blows my mind that we are talking about Midsummer collection already…

  2. This collection does not look like Midsummer. The colors seem to be old-fashioned, boring and not very creative. The blue shade is maybe nice, the red one has probably dupes within the Essie sortiment. It’s a bit disappointing that after Swoon in the Lagoon with these strangely combined colors and the spring collection with the four (!) beige shades, such a “sandy” collection is launched again. Where are the spectacular shimmers? Where are some really new colors? Hm.

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