The most popular nail polish shades of Winter 2022/2023

It’s finally spring! This means that I’m back with another recap post of the most popular nail polish shades of winter. If you missed my previous two parts, you can find the most popular colors of summer 2022 over here and the most popular colors of fall 2022 over here. I’m selecting all these shades based on the most repins they get on Pinterest in the winter period. I’ve picked Pinterest and not Instagram, because Instagram just favors fresh content, and it would always depend on what I have posted recently. Pinterest works very differently, and also older shades have a chance to become popular again! The Pinterest system is not foolproof, but it does give a nice impression of what was popular this season!

5. OPI I’m really an actress

I’m not surprised to see OPI I’m really an actress here again. It’s of course the perfect shade for Christmas ánd for Valentine’s day. So it was no surprise it was popular this winter. It has scattered holographic shimmer that is really pretty! In the bottle I’m also seeing a lot of gold shimmer, but that doesn’t really translate well on the nail. I always thought about I’m really an actress as a red, but when I wore it again I saw that it also contains a lot of pink. The formula was opaque in two coats.

You can still find OPI I’m really an actress over here on Amazon (affiliate link). Just as a side note, the color still seems to be widely available in the US. However, I noticed that this shade is getting more difficult to find in Europe. If you’re located in Europe and you still want this shade and can still find it, I definitely wouldn’t sleep on it!

4. Essie Tropic low

Essie Tropic Low is from Essie’s Summer 2022 collection. I think out of all shades released in 2022, this one got the most repins last year. Essie Tropic low is a green-gold duochrome. Although it sounds like a weird combination, it gives a kind of luxurious effect. Like a lot of duochromes, this shade is a tad sheer. I ended up wearing two coats in the pictures, but I probably should have worn three. In the pictures, the brushstrokes are very obvious, but I would say that it’s not that bad in real life.

You can still find Essie Tropic low over here on Amazon (affiliate link) or over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link). Don’t forget my code ”NOAENAILS’ if you decide to order from Beyond Polish, for 5% discount.

3. OPI From dusk til dune

I was super surprised to see OPI From dusk til dune here. I’ve actually considered wearing this one on my wedding day! It’s a semi-sheer pink with tons of blue iridescent flakes. It doesn’t really translate well in the picture, but it looks amazing in real life! I did have to use three coats in order to eliminate all streakiness, but it’s definitely worth it. I would also say that application is a lot easier than most sheers that I’ve tried. The polish also perfectly hides all imperfections in the nail. I’m not sure why this shade became so popular, but my guess is because of the glazed donut/lipgloss nails trends. I don’t hear about this shade often, so I’m very pleased that it made its way upto the top of this list!

You can find From dusk til dune over here on Amazon, or over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link).

2. OPI Less is Norse

We’ve already seen OPI Less is norse for the most popular fall shades, but this shade is here to stay! Less is norse is such a good shade, and this is definitely a reminder that I should grab this shade more often. Less is norse is described by OPI as a dark ice blue, it has a super easy formula and was opaque in two coats. The color is unique in my stash and it kind of reminds me of the color of the ink of a ballpoint pen!

You can find OPI Less is Norse over here on Amazon (affiliate link) or over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link).

1. Essie Win me over

It makes me laugh that this shade is again on number 1. Essie Win me over was also the most repinned color for Fall and Summer. Although I absolutely adore win me over, I can’t wrap my hand around the fact that it’s so popular. I will admit, it’s a unique color and maybe that’s why it’s so popular. It also has a very easy formula to work with, and the shade is almost opaque in one coat.

You can find Win me over over here on Amazon (affiliate link) or over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link).


Another interesting mix of colors! A lot of shades we’ve already seen in earlier versions of this post, but it’s always fun to see which shades suddenly became really popular! I’m super pleased that my personal favorite From dusk til dune made it into the list, and it was such a fun excuse to wear that one again! All other shades we’ve seen in previous lists, so there is a lot of overlap.

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