Review of Dance legend Mirage holographic pigment!

swatch of dance legend mirage pigmentHello! Today I’m back with something that has been a hype on the internet for quite some time now, holographic pigment! I was only able to get it right now, because it was always sold out! So annoying. I also didn’t buy it since it apparently works best when used with gel polish. But after seeing 1000 Instagram posts about it, I finally decided to give it a try!

I went with the Dance Legend – Mirage powder, which I bought at Hypnotic polish. Because I wanted to do it right, I also bought a black gel polish from Masura and the Vitamin gel topcoat from Masura, which is no-wipe. I’m also planning to try it without gel polishes, but I really wanted to see this powder in its full beauty!

products used for creating a look with the dance legend mirage pigment

I began with applying the Black base from Masura and by curing it under a LED-lamp. It wasn’t completely opaque, but that doesn’t matter. After this I applied the Masura – Vitamin topcoat and cured this. I was really surprised when I took my fingers out of the lamp. I have used gel polish before but this one just felt completely different. The gel felt sort of bouncy or rubbery, maybe even sticky? I think this is part of why the holographic pigments require a no-wipe topcoat. The holographic powder really sticks to the topcoat.

swatch of dance legend mirage pigment, in my hand I've got the Masura - Vitamin topcoat

I’ve applied the Mirage powder with an eye shadow brush and I topped it with the Vitamin topcoat again. I didn’t press very hard or brushed very long when applying the powder. But after taking these pictures, one of the nails popped off and I had to fix it again and I pressed a little bit harder when applying the Mirage powder. The result is even more stunning, since the holographic effect was even more lineair.

swatch of the dance legend mirage pigment in indirect lightIn the picture above I’m showing the powder in indirect light, because I also want to show how it really looks if you are just wearing it. The holographic effect is a little bit less and you can see the base color a little bit better. I’ve applied it over a black base, but I’ve heard that you can also apply it over a different color for a different effect. I’m also planning on trying that soon!

If you haven’t noticed, I really enjoy the Mirage powder. I can’t wait to experiment a little bit more with it, but my first experience is very positive!

Edit August 2017: In this article I’m using the Mirage powder together with Essence’s waterbased topcoat. Check it out if you want to see whether it works!

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