Swatches of Kiko – 533 Pearly golden green

bottle shot of kiko - 533

One of the reasons that I like Kiko polishes is that they do not only sell creme polishes. Kiko really likes to experiment with different finishes and that’s what I like about this brand! Today I’m showing you Kiko – 533 Pearly Golden Green. This one is a green shimmer polish and belongs to their “normal” nail lacquer range.

Swatches of kiko 533 with glossy topcoat

I have to admit that this polish was already in my untried stash for 2 (!) years. Wow, I am definitely feeling guilty now. Especially since this green polish has my favourite Kiko finish; it contains small golden shimmer. The shimmer makes this polish very special and I really like it. I almost own all Kiko polishes that have this type of finish, just because I don’t know any other brand that have this type of finish. Maybe Zoya, but that brand is kind of expensive over here, especially when compared to Kiko!

swatches of kiko 533

Kiko – 533 has a very nice formula, it covered well in two coats. I already mentioned it before, but I really like the Kiko brush in their normal nail polish range. It is straight, not small but also not very large. I didn’t need as much clean up as I usually do because of this brush. The polish is extremely shimmery when worn with a glossy topcoat. For some reason, it reminds me of a lizard and a Christmas tree. I can definitely see myself using this polish in Christmas related nail art.

swatches of kiko - 533 with catrice silk matt topcoat

In the picture above, I am wearing Kiko – 533 with Catrice – Silk matt topcoat and I also really likes how that looks. I am feeling like it is a little bit more appropriate for every day life. So I’m going to wear it like that to my work today. Maybe when it is almost Christmas, I will use this polish again in its full sparkly appearance!

How do you like Kiko – 533 best, with or without matte topcoat?

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