Essence – Do you speak love? (Permanent collection)

picture of the bottle of essence do you speak love?

Dark red nails always make me feel powerful! Especially when it becomes Fall, I gravitate towards the classic red shades. I always keep wondering why I do not wear them more often! Today I’m showing you one of the classics, Essence – Do you speak love? It is one of those colors that have been around forever. The one I’m showing you here is from their old color and go collection, but I’ve checked and it is still available in their new gel polish line! I even believe that it was already available when the color and go line still had the old bottles. And Essence is completely right, why change a winning team?

swatch of essence do you speak love?

Do you speak love? is a dark red shade, but is absolutely not black. It’s one of those colors that will look perfect on everyone and can be worn on every occasion. If you do not already own a red color like this, this one will be perfect to start with, since it is quite cheap! You can’t go wrong, since I think a color like this will always be on trend.

swatch of essence do you speak love

The formula is quite decent. I noticed that it is apparently quite hard to make a shade like this that covers in two coats. Most dark red polishes I own cover in three coats and this one is no different. However, I really enjoyed the formula and because the Essence polishes always have such a wide brush, it really doesn’t matter. This type of color always really stains my cuticle. That’s the same with this one, I really had to be careful not to hit my cuticle. It was quite hard to clean it up, even with a brush dipped in acetone. It’s not the fault of this polish, since I have this problem with almost all red polishes.

swatch of essence do you speak love?

In conclusion, most nail polish lovers probably already own a shade like this. It is not really unique. But it is a classic everyone should own, even when you do not like nail polish. And in that case I think Essence – Do you speak love is a very nice polish to start with.

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