Review of 3 topcoats I’m using right now

I really wanted to call this “My favourite topcoats”, but that would definitely be a lie. I do not like all the topcoats that I’m using right now, but I really wanted to share my experience with them. The ones that I’m using right now are: INM out the door, Essie good to go and Catrice Quick dry & high shine.

INM Out the door

picture of inm out the door topcoats

The picture of the two bottles of INM out the door says it all, I think! Two years ago I bought a bottle of 73 mL because I had tried the small one and really liked it. A few weeks ago I noticed that I couldn’t reach the topcoat in the old bottle anymore and that it was time for a new one. When I opened the new one I realized how much the formula of my old bottle had changed. The new one is really thin, while the old one is very thick and it’s hard to use. But in defense: I left it open for a whole night because I forgot to close the bottle. Oops!

Out the door is one of the more liquid type of topcoats. If I am wearing a glitter polish and I want it to become smooth, I need to apply two coats of topcoat. But the fast drying claims are really true! I think it is one of the fastest drying topcoats I have ever tried. And that’s exactly what I like about this topcoat so much. When I’m in a hurry, this one is always a good choice! But, it’s maybe not the perfect topcoat for you if you prefer thicker topcoats.

Essie Good to go

picture of the essie good to go topcoat

This is my favorite topcoat ever! Essie Good to go is just everything I want in a topcoat. It has a nice wide brush, the formula is not too thin, but also not too thick, it doesn’t cause bubbling and it dries fast. The only downside I can think of is that it’s a little bit expensive. Especially when you polish your nails as much as I do.  But a dutch website had a sale, so I was able to buy two for 15 euros, which is a quite reasonable price. I’m really happy that I own it again because it’s just the best! I’m secretly hoping that it’s on sale more often or that I find a budget topcoat that I like just as well! If you know any… Please let me now!

Catrice Quick dry & high shine

bottle of catrice quick dry and high shineCatrice quick dry and high shine, the one that I’m the least excited about. The main problem with this topcoat is that it doesn’t do much for me. It’s true that it dries fast. But that’s for me the only thing that it does well. I do not really see the high shine and it doesn’t really give a glossy finish. It’s just so thin that it feels like I’m applying water on my nails and I’m not really seeing a difference. Also a problem for me: the brush. It’s also very thin. I think this wouldn’t be such a problem if the formula wasn’t so thin. But now, I need to go over my nails at least 5 time before I completely covered it. And that’s just not what I want for my topcoat. But maybe, if you like extremely thin topcoats and thin brushes, this is the one for you! The bottle is also a little bit orange now, that’s because I used it over Essie Playing koi.

Now I’m really curious, what’s your favorite topcoat?

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