Swatches and review of ILNP – Diablo (Fall 2015)

bottle shot of ILNP diablo

When I first saw ILNP – Diablo I really wanted to have it. But apparently I wasn’t the only one. It was constantly out of stock during the whole Fall and Winter! By the time I finally got it, it was already Spring. I already wore it back then and shared it on my Instagram page, but I wasn’t that enthusiastic about it. Sure, it was a nice polish, but I’m always a little bit tired of red polishes after the Holidays. When I was digging through my stash and came across Diablo, I just knew I had to give it a second chance!

swatches of ILNP Diablo, in direct light

Diablo is a stunning dark red holographic polish. It has a jelly finish with a scattered holographic effect. Due to the jelly effect, I needed 3 coats to darken the color. I probably also could have gone with two, but I felt like some nails were a little bit patchy and that the color needed to be a little bit deeper. I absolutely did not mind needing 3 coats, because the polish was just so easy to apply!

ILNP Diablo in indirect light

I’ve tried to capture the full holographic effect in the pictures, but it was not that easy. I think that the polish is even prettier in real life than in the pictures. Many people called this polish their favorite polish of 2015 and I can definitely understand why. I think the complete Fall 2015 collection of ILNP was a must have! I’ve already shared Mona Lisa with you, but I definitely would not mind owning more polishes from that collection;)

ILNP Diablo in direct light

Am I feeling different about Diablo know than I felt back in Spring? Definitely! I just wasn’t feeling like wearing reds back then. I bought mine around March at Hypnotic Polish and I checked.. It is currently sold out again! Apparently the polish is a true bestseller! You can also always buy it from ILNP or any other stockist.

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