Orly Fall 2022 (Surrealist)

I have been googling like crazy to find some sneak peeks of the Orly Fall 2022 Surrealist collection. For a very long time, I wasn’t very successful, until I finely came across this article from Nailsmag! Apparently, Orly is going for an art-themed year, because after the Spring 2022 Impressionist collection and the summer 2022 Pop! collection, we know get a surrealist-themed collection.

Orly Surrealist fall 2022 collection including box source: https://www.nailsmag.com/1082621/orly-to-release-six-new-fall-colors

Again, as always, the collection will consist of six new shades:

  • Persistent memory (deep creamy red)
  • Stop the clock (a red shimmer)
  • Elysian fields ( a brown-green creme)
  • Metamorphosis (a shimmery teal copper)
  • Ceci n’est pas blanc (a gothic white)
  • Dreamers awake (a light grey creme)

In the picture below, the shades are all marked as ‘crèmes’, but I’m pretty sure some of these will actually be shimmers or metallics!

The colors of the Orly surrealist fall 2022 collection

I’m definitely very curious about this collection. According to Nails mag, the official launch will the on the 1st of August, so we still need to be a bit more patient. I don’t know if I’m going to buy them, but I definitely find this fall collection more interesting than the Pop! summer collection.

Update: The collection is now available over here on Amazon US (affiliate link) and Beyond Polish (affiliate link).

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4 thoughts on “Orly Fall 2022 (Surrealist)”

  1. Thanks for the sneak peek. I just got my shipping notice so went to look for info. I sure hope these are nicer in person because the photo doesn’t excite me at all. I sure hope we don’t get more moody stuff like this for winter. Yuk.

    1. You’re welcome! Usually, I regret not having access to the color pass in Europe, but with stuff like this I feel like I’m ‘lucky’ I don’t have it. Especially the white feels very weird to me.

  2. realitygreene

    This collection look so stunning and sophisticated! I know these colors won’t be for everyone, but I think they are gorgeous.

    1. Yes, not everything is that unique to me (I also realize that not everyone has as many bottles of nail polish as I). But I think especially the shimmers are super nice and unique!

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