Swatch of Cirque Colors Fizzy lifting drink (Bubbly collection)

It’s kind of ridiculous that I have never shared nail polish from Cirque Colors before on my website! I own quite a few of them, but apparently, I never got around to sharing them. Recently, Cirque Colors released their Bubbly collection. These shades are really different from anything I have ever seen before because the shades are magnetic, but the magnetic particles are also holographic!

Cirque Colors Bubbly collection

Six colorful shades are available, but they are all limited edition. All of these colors honestly look amazing, but because I have been let down by colors that looked amazing and exciting in the pictures, but were very boring in real life, I only picked up the purple one ‘Fizzy lifting drink’. Because I got so many questions about it, I figured that it would be worth it to share my findings with you!

Fizzy lifting drink is described as a berry purple with magnetic holographic pigment. It was my absolute favorite of this collection, so I had to get it. I also love Aperol Spritz, so I was really tempted to get Aperol Spritz too, but maybe in the future! If you’re not familiar with magnetic polish: you have to hoover a magnet over the polish while the polish is wet to get the magnetic effect. In this collection, the holographic pigment will go to the place of the magnet, and the rest of the nail will have a jelly look.

I used three coats to get this effect. You can do fewer coats, but the shade will be more jelly and not as intense.

So now the part I was most curious about, does it actually look holographic? Yes! In the shade and indoors it will look like my first swatch picture, but in the sun or under bright lights, gorgeous rainbows will appear. I’m really in love with the effect!


I was actually surprised by how easy it is to get your hands on Cirque Colors! The easiest way is just to order from their own website. They currently have a birthday sale going on where you get 20% off everything (including this one!), and they ship actually to most countries! If you’re not feeling like buying directly from them, you can also find their shades on Amazon or Beyond Polis, but of course, you won’t be able to participate in any special sales that way! The whole Bubbly collection is limited edition, so if you want them, you should buy them ASAP!

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