Morgan Taylor Fall 2022 (‘Plaid reputation’)

Today I have a sneak peek of the new Morgan Taylor/Gelish Fall 2022 collection. It’s always interesting to me, how the end of June/start of July is for nail polis companies their sign to release their new fall collections. This year, Morgan Taylor’s fall collection is going to be called ‘Plaid reputation’ and will consist of six new shades.

This is what Morgan Taylor says about the collection: “Plaid Reputation is a retro revival that reimagines the fashionable colors and patterns from eras past. This shade range features six brand new, stunningly crafted autumnal hues. With its mix of soft neutrals balanced by ultra-rich statement shades, this collection has a little something for everyone!”

The new colors are going to be called:

  • Follow Suit (a deep purple pearl)
  • Tartan The Interruption (a deep scarlet crème)
  • Tailored For You (a grey-blue crème)
  • It’s All About The Twill (a lilac grey pearl)
  • Wool You Love Me? (a dusty sand crème)
  • Tweed Me! (a pale nude crème)
Morgan Taylor fall 2022 ‘Plaid reputation

The Plaid reputation collection will be available in August.


I’m always looking forward to Morgan Taylor’s fall collection. I think a ‘plaid’ theme always works very well for fall. I love the color palette, but I’m a bit confused about the colors ‘It’s all about the twill’ and ‘Tweed me!’. Both shades seem to be more suitable for spring, and I’m not sure what they are doing in a fall collection. All in all, I think I liked Morgan Taylor’s fall 2021 collection better, but I think this year’s collection will be suitable for both fall and winter (while the 2021 collection was definitely a fall collection only). I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to buy this collection, but I’m definitely curious!

2 thoughts on “Morgan Taylor Fall 2022 (‘Plaid reputation’)”

  1. Hi Anouk-

    I’ve never bought Morgan Taylor, but I think this collection looks quite nice. As far as Tweed Me! and It’s All About the Twill, as long as they’re grayed/subdued/dusty I will wear them in fall.

    I like the balance of two light, two medium and two dark colors. Essie’s Go Go Geisha is one of my favorite fall polishes, so I’m interested in Tweed Me!

    The only thing I would have preferred is if they were all cream finishes, but I really do love the collection and polish names!

    You are the best source for early sneak peeks.

    1. Hi Heather!
      That’s an interesting take, now that I think about it it’s a pretty well-balanced collection! I’m always leaning towards the darker shades during Fall, so I’m pretty excited about Follow suit and Tartan the interruption.
      But indeed, if the lighter shades are anything like Essie’s Go Go Geisha, then sign me up 😉

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